Formula 1: Formula 1 race car driver Sebastian Vettel won the next grand prix and neat to arrive. The heads of the Ferrari is now in the penal system of the autosportbond of the FIA’s nine-point penalty was collected. For the twelve penalty points within a year, this is a suspension of one match.

At the Monza race, it was Vettel and have recently been fined with a penalty of 10 seconds and a three-point penalty, after that he has to get back on the track after a spin is almost in a collision caused by the West Stroll. He is this coming weekend at the grand prix of Singapore has a similar offense, he will be there for the first time, not one of them. This is also true for the GP of Sochi and of Russia.

Only on the 19th of October, he was two points lost, that he was only a year ago did. The system has been in 2014, is entered, and Vettel has all the Formula 1 drivers with the most points (24) were collected. On the list of sinners that is in the box, followed by Max Verstappen and Romain Grosjean. To the suspension was never.