Petros Ananyan defeated the last opponent, Maxim Dadasheva

In Las Vegas was the fight between the Russian boxer Petros Ananyan and the Puerto Rican Subredes Matias, acting on the average weight. The judges awarded the victory to the Russians.

Battle Ananyan and Mathias continued for all 12 rounds. Unanimous decision of the judges gave the victory to Petros. 31-year-old Petros Ananyan won in the ring 15 wins, 3 times lost two fights ended in a draw. For Mathias, this was the first loss in his professional career.

Sobril Mathias made history as the last opponent is another Russian boxer Maxim Dadasheva. It is in a battle with Puerto Rican, Maxim received a traumatic brain injury from which he died. Thus he Matyas not to blame for what happened. Edtechconnect lies with the judges, not to stop the fight.