The death of Hitler: what were the questions

History 22/02/20 the Death of Hitler: what were the questions

on 30 April 1945 at approximately 15:00 Berlin time in personal two-story bunker, Adolf Hitler said goodbye to entourage and together with the new wife Eva Braun had gone into his office, where he heard the sound of a gunshot.

who Entered the room saw foot leader and his wife’s body. Then two of the guards wrapped the body in blankets and carried it outside. There they were doused with gasoline and burned.

the Remains of the Nazi leaders fell into the hands of Soviet officers and after a thorough medical examination which did not leave a shadow of doubt that Hitler and Eva Braun, was buried in Magdeburg at the military base. In 1970, by order of Andropov’s remains burned and the ashes dumped in the Elbe. In Moscow still kept a few fragments of the bodies of Hitler: part of the skull, dentures and the handle of the sofa with traces of his blood.

But why did the Fuhrer kill himself? Perhaps he could not negotiate with the Americans?

Who brought to power the Fuhrer

According to historian Yevgeny Spitsyn, to power, the führer gave the Americans the financial bigwigs and Industrialists, the Morgans, Waibargi, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Their plan was to make Germany a fist aimed against Russia. From 1931 through the Bank for international settlements, they have to buy the shares of German companies. Soon, under the control of the Americans was about three hundred German companies. The whole oil refinery owned by the Rockefeller “Standard oil”, “Volkswagen” was controlled by “Ford”.

In 1932, the Soviet Union completed the first five-year period. It was built about five thousand new businesses, the country experienced industrialization. All this happened on the background of the economic downturn in the United States. It was then that the American tycoons have led to power of Hitler, who started the construction of the Reich.

Toktor historical Sciences Yuri Rubtsov generally assumes that all cash flows going to the Nazis controlled US intelligence.

So why in the end of the war Hitler turned to his patrons?

most Likely, because the financial interests and the interests of States diverged. Neither ordinary Americans nor the British would not understand the manual, if it openly supported the Nazis, about the atrocities which have all been heard.

by Itself, the führer was no longer necessary to anyone: the Americans had their very Mercantile purpose, and Hitler understood this perfectly.

failed to Agree

In early 1944, the year U.S. intelligence and the UK believed that by spring the Soviet Union will run out of steam, completely exhausted resources. The allies were preparing the long con: they hoped that the German elite will make a coup and make peace with the world. Perhaps they even saw this as an opportunity to unite with Germany against the Soviet Union.

having survived Miraculously with the assassination of the Fuhrer unwittingly thwarted the plans of the Americans.

the Second attempt to make peace was in March 1945 when Himmler was trying to negotiate with the American spy Allen DULLES. The negotiations were disrupted by the intelligence service of the USSR. But immediately after this, the Germans began to surrender to the Americans, hoping that they will take Berlin. But the Red army was faster.

Nowhere to run

so after the assassination of Hitler could not count on patrons. The only place where he could escape, was Argentina. However, to reach its shores on the sub without the consent of the United States, which are probed by the radar the Atlantic, it was impossible. And the Fuhrer’s health was such that he could just die in the road. During the four years of war with the Soviet Union he turned into a sick old man with a nervous tick and shaking hands. He had a cane and couldn’t walk more than twenty metres. He didn’t trust anyone, believing everyone around them and by the spring of 1945 reached mania. To reach the coveted Argentina, it was necessary to trust too many people.

not Only captured!

In moments of revelation, Hitler said that he was afraid not so much death but captivity. Fear of the Soviets became a phobia. There was no one to trust: April 20, his last entourage fled from Berlin. 24 April Himmler tried to negotiate with the Americans to surrender. The day before the death of Hitler learned of the fate of Mussolini and realized that the yield had a suicide.


April 24, 1945, the Soviet army took Berlin in the environment. Pilot Hannah Rach twice managed to fly over Berlin, but the pilots, trying to repeat it, did not come back. The bunker was heard as the city works to Soviet artillery. To escape was impossible, and Hitler decided to commit suicide.

Now and then there are hypotheses that he slipped away from justice, fleeing whether in South America or in Antarctica, but they are divided on the materials of the examination of the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. As repeatedly stated by the head of Department of registration and archival funds of FSB of Vasily Khristoforov, doubts about Hitler’s death is not. Since 1954, all documents: reports of interrogations and acts of expertise and evidence can find a special storage area TSA Federal security service of Russia. Since 1996, they are open to the public.

the last time the remains of the Fuhrer were examined by a forensic medical expert Benecke (Germany), who concluded that it is indeed the fragments of the jaw of Adolf Hitler.

Maya Novik

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