Ostend, With its 90 years old This Decombel is one of the most zwembadbezoekers at the beach. More than that: she’s come since the opening of the new swimming pool in 1976 with a daily her to go for a swim. Where was her 90th birthday a better place to celebrate than in the water. Every day zwemvrienden surprised her, and she’s got a plan for life.

all The North This Decombel) was born on september 19, 1929. In spite of its respectable age, you can find her every morning at 8.15 am in the swimming pool in her town. They can swim for more than 50 years, every day, for 43 years in the Building. “As a child, I never learned to swim. I am swimming like a dog, but I did like it, and I get better and better, by other people,” says Jacqueline. She was a homemaker and she lived for 24 years.

“I will always continue to swim in order to have time to pass through. I get up early in the morning, but what do I need to do things differently each and every day of the week? I leave at 7: 45 pm to walk to and from the pool. When the doors open at 8: 15 am I’m ready to get to the door. In the past, I went with the bike, but I’ve recently been heavily fallen, and since then, I’m going to be on foot.” She swims every day, is 500 metres away. “That’s what I was about half-an-hour, but it’s not the ‘speed’ that matters, but the motion.”