It seems to be a nightmare, but that’s what happened to Us Kenesha Antoine. Her best friend has drowned, when he is under water, to marry him during their vacation in the country of Tanzania. The particular afflicted friend, you know it’s a tragic story-yesterday, on Facebook, along with photos and a video of the marriage proposal. “There are not enough words for your wonderful soul, and to honor them.”

It had to be a dream holiday to the idyllic island of Pemba, but the ending is dramatic for the couple. Steven and Kenesha were staying in a wooden hut, which is located in part below the level of the water is, so that they could enjoy a view of the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It was the perfect place for original sin.

At the movies, in the Facebookpost is the time to see how Steven was with the goggles and the flippers in a note, shows it to be a “window”. “I can’t breathe long enough to pose for you and tell you what I like and you like it. But … I like it more and more every day about them,” he wrote. On the back side of the paper, he asked whether Kenesha wants him to marry her. “Will you be my wife? With me getting married???”

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