Another 03/02/20”peace”: the threat is the largest diamond quarry in the world

Until the mid XX century it was believed that the diamond-bearing rock kimberlite — found only in southern Africa. The breed is named after the South African town of Kimberly, where in 1871 was found diamond 85 CT. But the most impressive to date, the field of diamonds — Sakha quarry “peace” — was discovered by a Fox.

Red predator dug the hole under the larch, the roots of which were exposed due to a landslide. June 13, 1955, geologists searching for kimberlite pipes, the characteristic hue of a Fox dug out of the earth realized that there is a kimberlite. Tests showed the correctness of the geologists. About his discovery, they reported an encrypted telegram to Moscow. Through almost 3,000 km of off-road equipment arrived and people began to develop a career caught the biggest in the world. Soon near the pit was a town named after him — peace. It is home to 36 thousand people.

the Quarry “peace” — an incredible hole in the ground to a depth of 535 m and a diameter of over a kilometer. Here in 1957 at the beginning of the two thousandth extracted diamonds on $17 billion of the path of the truck with a rock from the bottom to the surface took place in a spiral with a length of eight kilometers.

Diamonds are mined in the most difficult weather conditions. For example, seven months in the year, is held below freezing, with the winter not uncommon for frosts to -60 °C. Since 2001, the ALROSA company, which owns the quarry, moved to the diamond mining closed method. It is assumed that deposits will be enough for more than thirty years of production.

Above the pit don’t fly helicopters is prohibited, due to the fact that monstrous funnel sucks in airborne objects. Birds also fly around the quarry side. There is a constant threat of landslides, it is likely that once the crumbled mass of earth was buried by not only the quarry but the nearby town of Mirny. Therefore, the established round-the-clock.

the Quarry is a huge hole in which there are no work. And the project of the transformation of a career in the eco-city, which has no analogues in the world. The pit wall is expected to strengthen the concrete structure, and a pit cover top transparent dome with solar panels. Yakutia is famous for clear Sunny days and the battery will be able to produce enough energy for the activities of the whole city. It is also planned to use for heating geothermal energy at levels below the permafrost soil is already warm, it supposes buritica deeper to reach underground heat. The whole ecosphere of the city will be artificial, closed. It is planned that on the area of 3 million km2 is located about 10 thousand people.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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