Pavel Zhigarev: how did Stalin and the General who tricked him

History 02/01/20 Pavel Zhigarev: how did Stalin and the General who had cheated him

In the midst of the great Patriotic war, commander of the air force Pavel Zhigarev was caught in a lie directly at the reception of Stalin. According to another Soviet commander, Alexander Golovanov, everyone was terrified that the leader will hit Zhigareva, or simply he would be shot. However, neither the one nor the other happened. However, some implications for the General the incident still had.

a Career in the air force

Pavel Fedorovich Zhigarev was born in 1900 in Tver province into a poor peasant family. The opportunity to make a career Zhigareva, however, as many of his contemporaries, has provided the Red army. However, according to Benjamin Kolkowski, author of the book “1953. The elimination of Stalin”, in the Civil war Paul F. was not involved: at this time, he served for spare parts.

After the Civil war Zhigarev himself expressed a desire to transfer to aircraft. After 3 years, he has become a graduate of the Leningrad school of pilots, observers, and then graduated from the air force Academy named after Zhukovsky and the Kachin higher school of pilots, in which some time and then I taught.

In the second half of the 1930-ies was sent to China, where, according to G. Tarnavskogo and A. Koshelev, the authors of the publication “the Soviet-Japanese war 1937-1945”, was an adviser on aviation. Thanks to the actions of China’s Pavel Zhigarev took the position of head of Department of combat training of the air force. In General, Zhigareva career developed quite successfully: by 1941 he has held the rank of General headed the Main Directorate of Military air forces of the red army.

Caught in a lie

At the beginning of the great Patriotic war, managed to establish itself properly Pavel Zhigarev was appointed commander of the air force. However, according to Oleg Smyslov, author of the book “defenders of the Russian sky. From Nesterov before Gagarin”, colleagues have said that Zhigarev really was “powerless” and “not strong enough”. Anyway, Pavel was ranked really high post and on duty, often Stalin.

That spring of 1942, another Soviet military leader Alexander Golovanov, the author of the memoir, “long-range bomber”, was found in the office of the leader and Igorevim. The General insisted that the planes are produced in factories, stand on airfields, as they have various technical defects. However, the people’s Commissar of the aircraft industry Alexey Shakhurin said Zhigarev lies: the aircraft is serviceable, but to distill them to no one.

in order to set the record straight, it was decided to contact the heads of factories. It turned out that all 700 of the planes were taken to fight. But crews is really lacking. According to Golovanov, all were in that moment the room thought that Stalin will hit caught in a lie Zhigareva. But the leader just muttered: “Scoundrel!” and chased the General out.

the Consequences of the incident

according to David Tretherras, the author of the book “angel, guardian of the last descendants of the Jewish king from the lineage of David”, although Stalin did not hit Pavel Zhigarev, but the findings of it still did. No wonder in the same 1942 Zhigarev was removed from the post of commander of the air force and appointed (of course, lower) commander of the air force of the far Eastern front. However, these sanctions against Zhigareva and limited.

After the end of world war II career of Pavel went back up the hill. After only 4 years after the victory he became commander of the air forces of the Soviet Union, and also occupied the chair of Deputy defence Minister of the country. And in 1955, Zhigarev was awarded the rank of Marshal.

it is Noteworthy that, according to Vladimir Kuchin, in his book “the world wave history from 1890 to 1913” in the same 1955 Pavel Fedorovich Zhigarev again “distinguished” on the day of his 55-year anniversary, he tried to hold the first testingthe creation of a thermonuclear bomb and nearly became the “author” of a thermonuclear catastrophe in the USSR. Fortunately, nothing happened, and he Zhigarev had died of natural causes in 1963.

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