Oskar Dirlewanger: how ended up the toughest Nazi

History 05/02/20 Oskar Dirlewanger: how ended up the toughest Nazi

Russian and Western historians confirm that Oskar Dirlewanger could make a career of one of the main executioners of the Second world only in Nazi Germany: a pedophile Dirlewanger himself was a notorious scoundrel, and subordinates in the Sonderkommando of a name typed to match.

in this contingent and needed the creators of this punitive units of the SS.

Who was averted to the “Dirlewanger”

In the public domain is not too much documented information describing the Oskar Paul Dirlewanger, more reported violent crimes units, which he headed. As he wrote in his work “Die Einheit Dirlewanger” German historian Helmut Auerbach, prior to the adoption in the SS in 1940, the future Lieutenant Otto Dirlewanger managed to do some fighting in the First world, earned 2 Iron crosses and demobilized in the rank of Lieutenant. After the war he defended his doctoral thesis in political Sciences, he joined the Nazi party.

a Colleague of Auerbach German historian Reinhard of Rurup reported that Dirlewanger took a number of civic positions and was convicted of fraud in Erfurt textile factory (the case was hushed up – was averted recompense for the damage).

When they came to power, Hitler, Dirlewanger decided to use a more solid positions, giving him the place of chief justices in one of the cities of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Helmut Auerbach cited data that “protege” and then showed the corruption ability. But the main charges for the 39-year-old Dirlewanger was the fact that pedophilia: he was convicted in connection with the 13-year-old German from Union girls (a division of the Hitler youth, which included girls aged 10 to 14 years). Dirlewanger was sentenced to two years in prison, deprived of his doctoral degree, and no appeal didn’t work.

Writer Alexei Pechenkov, reporting in his book about the Sonderkommando “Dirlewanger” details of the military past of Oscar Dirlewanger, emphasizes that the future leader of the Sonderkommando always wanted to fight. The First world war, he was wounded, sought the front in 22 years rose to the rank of battalion commander. He continued his war, and after demobilization in the so-called Freikorps (revanchist organization, consisting in post-war Germany, mainly former soldiers and join in clashes with radical Marxists and other leftists). Dirlewanger was twice wounded in such encounters, he was repeatedly arrested and detained for short periods in jail.

some time Later, Dirlewanger comes into assault brigade of SA. However, as says Pechenkov, membership in this organization as the party-membership card of the Nazi party, he was deprived of after his conviction for statutory rape (Pashenkov adds that in addition to this, there was another drunk and disorderly and two accidents committed by Dirlewanger in a drunken stupor).

After his release from prison Dirlewanger had a fight with the local Gauleiter and two months sat down again behind bars.

As it took the SS

“Godfather” in this context is considered to be the chief of the SS Gottlob Berger (who, by the way, after the Nuremberg trials served a little more than 6 years and died at age 78 in Germany). From Dirlewanger Berger was a friendly relationship from the First world, and Gottlieb was recommended by a colleague as chief of the division of the penalty box to the SS.

And even before that Berger “betrothed” Dirlewanger in the Legion Condor, fighting on the side of Franco in Spain. In 1939, Dirlewanger returned to Germany with three military awards. He was able to achieve judicial rehabilitation on his case and recovery in SA and the NSDAP.

Alex Pechenkov cites documents in Otto Dirlewanger with his admission to the SS in early July of 1940 (at the time the candidate was the 45th year). The characteristics of Dirlewanger, it follows that the sameNY and of children he had, demeanor described as “very good” degree of zeal – “excellent.” The character of Oskar Dirlewanger compiler characteristics did not say anything, this column is left blank. But did the PostScript about the fact that the candidate is worthy to wear the title of “SS-hauptsturmführer”. “Godfather” Dirlewanger, Berger, this request was approved there, in the characteristics corresponding to the resolution-order.

the Excuse of “trust”

Armed groups, who were to lead the Dirlewanger consisted of poachers and other criminals, people prone to extreme violence with unstable mentality. From a poacher’s command Oranienburg, it had grown to the SS division “Dirlewanger”. Over time, the composition of the “Dirlewanger” was also joined by collaborators from a number of republics of the USSR. From September 1940 to may 1945, the unit participated in dozens of punitive actions on the territory of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, in the Pskov region. In particular punitive “Dirlewanger” was destroyed by the Belarusian village of Khatyn where burned alive or shot nearly 150 residents. All in all, a division of Otto Dirlewanger was killed, raped, robbed, mutilated hundreds of thousands of people (executioners did not stop before anything, and such behavior disgusted even some of the top representatives of the SS).

a Large part of the Sonderkommando units of the red army and allies killed in the fighting. The Dirlewanger caught in captivity in June 1945 sounded the death of Polish soldiers.

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