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Another 05/02/20 Wikipediain the death of “Komsomolets”: why sank the submarine K-278

this year marks 30 years since the death of the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets”. But after three decades, the researchers of this topic, there are still many unresolved issues.

the developments

At the conclusion of the government Commission, 7 April 1989 time period from the time of the fire on the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” in the Norwegian sea hundreds of miles from Bear island, and before her death was about 6 hours. The submarine, commanded by captain first rank Yevgeniy Vanin moved on a 180-meter depth, having on Board 69 crew members.

the Fire started early in the twelfth in the seventh compartment. To liquidate his stock funds failed. In the first moments died the sailor of the 7th compartment Nodari Bonicelli. The submarine immediately declared an emergency alarm and began the ascent on a 50-meter depth.

the Flames spread rapidly and soon reached electrical power the submarine, they failed, 150-meter depth, the stalled progress of the submarine due to the operation of emergency protection of steam turbine plants. Then we were given the order to emergency blow the main ballast, and it is incorrect, according to experts, the decision was for the fate of the submarine and its crew fatal: break the pipeline of high pressure air (VVD) of the tank main ballast in the seventh compartment — there began to enter the compressed air and the magnitude of the fire increased dramatically. Compressed air together with combustion products hit the tank oil drain main machine (6 chamber), the increased pressure oil is squeezed into the compartment and sprayed on the equipment of the submarine. 6 compartment died Midshipman Vladimir Kolotilin. The command to block the highway VVD and the hydraulics leading in the seventh compartment, as well as sealing of bulkheads submarine commander did not give that also complicatedon position.

In 11.16 “Komsomolets” rose to the surface. The ongoing purge systems main ballast starboard hot gases through the damaged pipeline in the seventh compartment was the reason that the Premier League after a couple of minutes after surfacing began to tip to the left side, roll soon reached 6 degrees Celsius.

At that time, was burning the sixth and seventh compartments, three (second, third, and fifth) was filled with smoke in the third compartment lit up the panel, and in the fifth broke flammable gases. In surfacing, the submarine has switched to battery power, and after a few minutes the team was made start of the emergency diesel generator, he worked for more than two hours. Nuclear reactor as a result of actuation of emergency protection choked.

In 11.23 roll of the boat on the left side increased to 8 degrees. 14 minutes with the Premier League was given the first signal of distress. Experts believe that the destruction of the hydraulic system did not allow it to take timely and decoding in the Main headquarters of the Navy of the USSR only after receiving the eighth message from the “Komsomolets” in 12.19, the command was able to understand what had happened.

due to the purge of the tank main ballast the starboard side by the air emitted from the seventh compartment, have continued to increase the roll of the submarine. It was decided to blow out the opposing tank, which only increased the flow of compressed air to fire compartments. Fatal was the delay in the impact of the order on the use of a crew self-contained breathing apparatus for a long period of time, the team used the hose. Meanwhile, several members of the crew of the submarine has personally been poisoned by combustion products.

In 12.43 multi-engine IL-38 flew to the scene of the accident, which occurred in 980 km from the border of the USSR (from other aircraft just did not have enough fuel for such a flight). 14.40 he arrived at the scene of the accident “Komsomolets” (later in the rescue operation was attended by two mnogomernykh). 20 minutes before approaching the place to korablinothe solutions of the commander of the Petrograd Il Gennady Vanin contacted and explained the situation on the submarine. Submarine commander about anything not asked, and said that the situation with the command “Komsomolets” controlled.

the pilots of the Il was evident that the submarine fire, a submarine lurches to starboard. Surface vessels, according to the calculations, was to come to the scene of the accident until six in the evening (by the time the submarine is already sunk).

At five o’clock the submarine began to increase the roll, Vanin ordered the evacuation of the crew and prepare pop-up rescue chamber. At 17.00 the sailors began to leave the Premier League. The plane was dropped a rescue container. With the submarine managed to pull only one life raft. 8 minutes after the start of mass evacuation of people “Komsomolets” with 80-degree trim sank. In the pop-up capsule remained five divers, including the Eugenia Vanina. He and three crew members when afloat VSK killed, and captain 3rd rank Anatoly Ispenkov remaining in a sunken submarine (Ispenkov provided a diesel generator). Due to the difference of pressure at the pop-up camera blew off the hatch and she sank. Escape from it could only Midshipman Viktor Slyusarenko.

To save distressed divers at 18.20 arrived mother ship “Alexey Khlobystov”. Living on Board has been raised to 30 sailors.

All in this tragedy together with the captain of the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” 42 people died, most died of hypothermia or drowned. The “Komsomolets” went to more than five hundred kilometers depth.

says the chief designer

According to the version of the chief designer of the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” Dmitry Romanov, which he holds in his book, main cause of emergency teams — lack of knowledge of the crew and, as a consequence, inconsistency of actions for eliminating the consequences of the accident. Romanov believes that the submariners were insufficiently trained and therefore unable to quickly and efficiently deal with the emergency situation.

Point ineteran of the strategic missile forces, candidate of technical Sciences, Oleg Sergeyev: “scattering”, displacemnet team the Premier League has led to the fact that the fire in the aft compartment “Komsomolets” eliminated alone seaman Nodari Bonicelli. The British submarine “Trafalgar” reminds Sergeev, has been a similar accident. But thanks to the cohesive action of the crew its consequences have been removed.

Why burned, and have not figured out

Even after 30 years, the exact cause of the fire at K-278 “Komsomolets” is not installed. According to the Chairman of the public organization, created in memory of the death of the Premier League, Roses Markova (she’s on the “Komsomolets” lost a son, a submarine officer), a lot of obscure not only the causes of the tragedy, but in the details of the search and rescue operation after the incident of emergency.

Markov says that the Norwegian aircraft, according to one version, was not allowed to participate in the rescue operation. Had problems with a rescue raft, which turned out to be invalid. But captain first rank Boris Kolyada, who served on the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” believes that Norwegian Orion only interfere in the rescue operation.

the captain of the second rank Alexander Pokrovsky worked in the Commission for the investigation of the accident at the “Komsomolets”. He is convinced that the tragedy on the submarine occurred due to faulty metering of oxygen, the power of which, says St. Basil, originally did not meet the parameters of the submarine. However, even he is still unclear the cause of the fire — it was never published.

whether to pick it up

According to the expert of Rosatom Anatoly Zakharceva this project in any case should be international, and foreign investors are ready to participate in it. But we need a decision on lifting the Premier League at the governmental level. It yet. This question is not seriously discussed because it is believed that the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” securely plugged and sealed, but because of the radiation hazard.

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