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History 22/02/20 Mistress Stalin: how many were there

the figure of the leader of the people, as it is called Joseph Stalin, passed after his death, the years has acquired a lot of rumors, conjectures and legends. The personal life of a powerful leader of the Soviet Union for a long time was strictly secret, people knew almost nothing about his wives, what to say about mistresses? Meanwhile, in the years of the revolutionary youth, and while at the helm of the country, Stalin had the attention of many girls and women. Let’s find out what were the beloved leader?

the Official story

Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (1878-1953), was first married at the age of 26 years. His wife was the 16-year-old Kato (Catherine) Svanidze. Son Yakov was born to this couple in 1907. Soon, a young mother, who never differed in good health, fell ill with typhus and died.

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Kato adores her husband. She was a shy, modest girl who was thrilled to hear the stories of Joseph about the struggle for social justice and equality. After her death, the revolutionary has become noticeably tougher to deal with class enemies.

Second wife of the leader was Nadezhda Alliluyeva. When they married, she was 17 years old, and Joseph – 40. Moreover, the affair began a year before the wedding. This fact gives some enemies a reason to blame Stalin unhealthy attraction to very young girls.

the Son of Basil was born in 1921, and his beloved daughter Svetlana in 1925-m. Along with them he lived and brought from Georgia Jacob, who for 14 years was brought up in the family of origin Kato Svanidze.

In the night from 8 to 9 November 1932, Nadezhda Alliluyeva committed suicide, the circumstances and cause of her death is still controversial.

More than Stalin was not married.

Matrona Kazakova

between 1909 and 1911 a young revolutionary in exile in the city of Solvychegodsk in the Vologda province. There he settled in the house of the daughter of a local deacon matreny Kozakovoj, who was a widow and alone raise children. The woman struggled, she was forced to chop wood, clear snow, repair the fence.

Joseph saw that the young woman all day literally extends back. The man began to help the girl household. And is soon replaced by her husband. As a result of these relations was born a black-haired boy dramatically different from the light brothers and sisters. However, Stalin child never saw the term of exile ended, and he continued his revolutionary activities. Matrona named his son Constantine, and the middle – Stepanovich, having late husband who died 2 years before the birth of the baby.

When ” MTU ” there is a new editor littany name kouzakov, and this was in the early 70-ies, colleagues were whispering that he is the son of Stalin himself. Shortly before his death, Konstantin Stepanovich personally confirmed the rumors: in an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and facts”, published in 1996, Kuzakov said that he learned the name of the father from the mother in childhood. Subsequently, however, gave a subscription to disclose this secret to representatives of the KGB.

According to rumors, only the relationship with the leader of the people saved by Konstantin from being arrested in 1947. Then he worked in the propaganda Department of the CPSU Central Committee and included in the lists of the accused in the “atomic espionage” case was fabricated by Lavrenty Beria. But the trouble was over.

it is said that taking high office in the Kremlin, Stalin gave the girl Kozakovoj Moscow apartment.

Lydia Perelygina

In 1913-1916, the future leader of the peoples served another link, this time in the Turukhansk region. In the village of Kureyka he lived in the house two orphans of Jonas and Lydia Perelygina (brother and sister). With a 14-year-old mistress of Joseph and began to cohabit.

This shocking information about the sexual abuse of an adult male orphan girls came to light in 1956, when Nikita Khrushchev began to collect dirt on Stalin, wanting to debunk the cult of his personality. CoNicky KGB found out the whole story. It turned out that Lida Perelygina bore Joseph two children. The first child died in infancy, and the second son, Alexander – was born after Stalin left the Kureyka.

the Majority of Siberians are indifferent looked at the delinquency of a minor. But when her brother Jonah found out about the pregnancy Lida, he and local resident Peter Ivanov appealed to the local gendarmerie. Stalin from prosecution were saved by a promise to marry the girl when she reaches adulthood. But his words the man did not keep.

Lydia Later married a villager Yakov Davydov. And her son Alexander before the great Patriotic war worked as a postman, at the front was twice wounded, rose to the rank of major. Then this man was Director of the canteen in Novokuznetsk.

As Konstantin kouzakov, in 1935, Alexander Davydov at the request of the NKVD signed the document about the secrecy of their origin.

Yuri Davydov – one of the grandchildren in Pereprygivaya – told reporters that his grandmother was a serious woman with a strong character.

Vera Davydova

Being a virtual ruler of a huge superpower, Stalin could afford to the secret love Affairs with famous artists. It was rumored that his lovers were the ballerinas Olga Lepeshinskaya and Marina Semyonova, and among the singers he emphasized Natalia spiller and Valery Panther’s.

But the longest relationship was Joseph Stalin with the Bolshoi theatre Vera Davydova. This vibrant novel was described by the famous journalist Leonard Gendlin in his book “Confession of mistress of Stalin”. Although the relatives of the singer still refute the presented information.

According to L. Gendlin when the relationship began, and Joseph was already 54 years old, and Faith – 28. For a long time they secretly met at the cottage of the leader, because both were in formal marriages. Supposedly only the proximity to Stalin to explain all the numerous titles, awards and the prize, which was awarded the prima ballerina at the Bolshoi theatre in my life.

Vera Davydova was the people’s artist of the RSFSR, people’s artist of the Georgian SSR, laureate of three Stalin prize I degree, winner of the luxurious three-room apartment in Moscow center.
Valentina Istomina

the Last mistress of the leader of the people was Valentina Istomin (maiden name – Baccina). From 1935 to 1953 she performed the duties of housekeeper Stalin: he was engaged in farming, was setting the table, deciding other issues related to the life of Joseph Stalin. Widower in need of female support.

Svetlana Alliluyeva, in her book “Twenty letters to a friend” wrote: “There are new faces, including young snub Valya, whose mouth hasn’t closed from the merry, ringing laughter. Having worked in Zubalovo three years, she was transferred to the country of his father in Kuntsevo and remained there until his death, becoming later a housekeeper…”.

Over the years of its work, Valentina so close to Stalin that all the time was at him. He only trusted her to serve him food and medicine. Rumors that Istomin was the mistress of the leader, as they say, in private conversations have confirmed, Vyacheslav Molotov, who was the head of the MFA of the USSR in the great Patriotic war.

After Stalin’s death, Valentine sent to a personal pension. Childless woman raised her nephew, whose father died at the front. She died in 1995.

of Course, we have listed not all girls and women, which Stalin paid attention, limiting only the most famous, long and bright relationship. The personal life of the leader of the people was turbulent and diverse. He liked very young girls, whom he could charm, and a talented beautiful artist, and peace at home hostess.

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