Loginov thinking about retirement because of the constant attacks

Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov after the relay at the world Cup in Italian Antholz admitted he is considering the option of end of sports career. 28-year-old Russian said he was tired from the incessant attacks.

on the Eve of Saturday early morning a few hours before the start of the Russian biathletes in the relay in a hotel room Loginov Evgeny Garanichev, the police came. Authorities awoke the sleeping athletes. They began to search the premises and seize personal belongings Loginov.

Despite the morning incident Loginov did not refuse to participate in the race and helped the Russian team to finish in fourth place.

“Now I have nothing surprised. Apparently, such actions are really trying to speed up the process of completing my sports career, — said Loginov, quoted by TASS. – If all of this will be better, then it will be necessary to do so. I’m not getting any younger. Maybe someone will be more comfortable”.

“I never disappeared. Let check at least every day, only why it was necessary to take away my phone? For me it’s the sore subject. I can’t communicate with family or loved ones. I’m even on the ADAMS system can fill out information about your location”.

Recall that one of the reasons for the searches of rooms and personal car Loginova became his doping history. Logins again fell under suspicion of violating anti-doping rules, though evidence of his guilt, the police during the search he did not show anything.