International football, After a battle under the big high-voltage transmission, has title to River Plate for the final of the Copa Libertadores, the most important football competition for teams in South America. The team from Buenos Aires, it was the 2-0 defeat from the first leg does not erase them. Also, this land had its separate story, the match began a quarter of an hour later thanks to a penalty from scraps of paper. Because the organization is extracted using an unusual protocol, continued continued incidentenuit. The grief of the losing clan, and it was then, however, the tradition is to be present.

The performance last night at La Bombonera, the imposing home of the Boca Juniors, was it a full voltage. Boca clearly had something to prove after they lost in the final of december 9, 2018 in Madrid, spain. The match was in the Bernabeu was played after the team bus of the Blanco to the line-in of the arena of River Plate, it was clear who was in charge. Four years earlier, it was in Boca in the tournament is set, after the supporters of the River, the players were attacked with pepper spray. Just to say, ” this is the best of the fellow citizens, and the violence is never too far away.

the race of the night could have been its own story, as the game began, more than a quarter of an hour later, as the Brazilian, the arbitrator, all of white pieces of paper on the field and wanted to talk to him the great hall did. Or how there’s always something happening. Furthermore, incidents have continued, however, by the fact that the security staff last year, after their lesson had been taught. The kids were surrounded by securitypersoneel and in fact, were, before, during, and after the match, the situation is carefully monitored. “It was just the confetti issue,” says The Guardian . “But what is a 15-minute delay relative to the delay of one month, as was the case last year, and that was the case? And it was in the game, at least on the right continent to be played.”

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