RSC Anderlecht Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, SA suffered the previous year, accounting for a loss of 27 (!) million. The season before that, 2017-2018, it was a loss of ‘only’ 6.3 million. The reason for the increase? Missing out on the Champions League, the trainerssaga and it’s a little too big left.

Let me first be clear: the figures are for the fiscal year 2018-2019 are not yet formally laid down. Why would Anderlecht will not officially respond to it. The auditors must have the balance sheet to bend, and to the annual General Meeting of the club’s balance sheet is approved. However, the board of directors, the discussion on the very poor annual results in all, however, raged. And it was at times hard to know how to…

The balance sheet of the company, RSC Anderlecht for a season 2018-2019, it shows a negative balance of 27 million euro. In the season of 2017-2018, the season in which Marc Coucke, the club took up (december 2017), was that the loss of ‘only’ 6.3 million. An increase, therefore, of the more then 20 million people.

For an explanation of this increase, it is not far to search. Operation the operation of the club, commercial, stadium, …), is it not, but still a loss is incurred: 4 million last year, 5.2 million the season before.