Juliane Pöhnitzsch vermisst Marzahn

Who has seen Juliane Pöhnitzsch from Marzahn or knows where she is? The 35-year-old has been missing since the beginning of July, and the Berlin police have been asking for information from the population since Tuesday. Pöhnitzsch was last seen on Monday, July 4, at her home address in Belziger Ring.

According to the police, she is said to have left her apartment there and not to have returned. Further investigations would have revealed that there was last contact with her via a social network on July 6, 2022. The police released the following description:

– about 158 ​​to 160 cm tall – slim build – has very dark, brown hair that is cut into a chin-length bob – wears a nose ring

– has the following tattoos: on the arms: sun in Inca pattern, mystical face with wings, infinity symbol with anchor on the legs, thighs: woman in an oval pattern, back of thighs: three geisha figures with cat ears, stylized flower with a stem, reaching past the calf reaches to the foot, calf: sunflowers, hips: flower pattern with elf on toadstool back, next to the spine: five red stars, which lead to the middle of the back and become smaller and smaller, back side: two-line saying.

Who saw Juliane Pöhnitzsch or had contact with her after July 4, 2022 and can provide information on her current whereabouts?