Norwegian biathletes won the first race of the world championship

In the Italian Anterselva started the world championship on biathlon. Traditionally, the world championship was opened with the mixed relay in which the victory was won by team Norway. In second place was the team of Italy on the third – team of the Czech Republic. The Russian team took the sixth place.

the favorite for the race was considered to be the French team, advocated by the Martin Fourcade. But the French team failed girls. Fleeing at the first stage, Julia Simon has gone to a penalty, not rescued Justine Breza. Poorly made and the Germans. The fight for victory took place between the national teams of Norway and Italy.

the Fate of the gold medals decided on the last stage, even at the last shooting range. The Norwegian Lannes BAA handled the shooting better than Dominik Windisch and first drove to the finish line. The Italians took the second place. Bronze awards – and is the surprise team of the Czech Republic.

the Russian team is not too successfully performed the first one to Irina Old, used while standing three spares. Ekaterina Yurlova-Part has slightly improved the situation, pulled the Russians from the thirteenth to ninth. Matvey Eliseev hesitated with shooting from the prone position. Shooting standing, he did a little better, but the Russian team remained ninth. All the things I could do perfectly coped with the fourth stage Alexander Loginov – to bring Russian national team to sixth place.