Shaking hands and mental disorders: the risk of buyers

At Moscow customs detained a large shipment of dangerous diet pills. The package arrived from Kazakhstan. Her client had been detained. The drug is a potent substance, which can be taken only by prescription. If you do it under the supervision of a physician, you can lose not only health, but also his mind.

the Parcel never reached its recipient. In the box a year’s supply of diet pills. In the composition of a pound of sibutramine — a substance belonging to the group of potent and poisonous. In Russia it can be bought only by prescription. However, many of these limitations do not stop.

– Looking at my girlfriends, I wanted a quick result. Roughly speaking, I wanted to sleep a monster, and Wake up beautiful.

after a month of taking the medicine Anna dropped 15 pounds.

– I did not pay attention that I started to have headache, dizziness, I get nauseous, my hands were shaking.

This is another effect, which producers the miracle pill somehow silent. A few months Anna barely managed to save.

– I just abruptly began to shiver, I realized that the whole picture of the world is beginning to go sideways, so sharp raised intracranial pressure. I was on the verge of a stroke.

Sibutramine structure similar to amphetamine — a drug that affect the Central nervous system. Strongly activates the production of serotonin and norepinephrine which are hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety. Due to this, the person creating the false impression that he ate. Initially, the substance is used as an antidepressant.

“It excites the heart, the heart begins to beat, a so-called tachycardia. These stimulants is not a carrot. It is a whip, which drives our body to exhaustion,” explains Vladimir Chubarev, Professor, Department of pharmaceutical and Toxicological chemistry named after A. p. Arzamastseva sechenovskiy University.

European eelectrostatic experts because of the numerous side effects of the drug banned. But he remains in the Arsenal of Russian doctors. According to them, the drug is effective, you can take it, but only under strict supervision of doctors.

“Very often I see that people do not simply self-medicate, they kill themselves. You can’t do that. Not just because drugs are prescription drugs, there are certain indications, certain dosage of the drug,” explains Olga Rozhdestvenskaya endocrinologist.

After taking the same drug for weight loss Olga almost got into a psychiatric hospital. On sibutramine she “sat” for several years.

“I felt miserable when saw these pills. I didn’t want to move more. I realized that my acquaintance with these pills has to end. Because to lose weight I might someday lose weight, but not the fact that I do stay alive,” — says Olga Vaganova.

Go to the pharmacy. Preparations containing sibutramine several. The seller, without asking anything, holds out a box. On the question of the composition barely pronounce the name of the active substances.

– can without a prescription?

– Yes, this is possible without a prescription.

on the Internet even more. Order a “horse dose” of the drug.

– Me 30 packs of 15 mg. the Only thing I don’t have a prescription from a doctor. Nothing?

– Well, I guess that’s okay! Let us see about 30 packages and tomorrow will call you back.

Those who trades without a prescription such drugs face criminal liability. But consumers risk more lose health. Such victims is the beauty not exactly require.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”