Large shopping centres got through the first two weeks after they once again allowed to open. Not all the tenants managed to survive the downtime, and some easy this is not over still. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov spoke to the head of the family shopping center “MEGA” Valentina Vorontsova on how to survive the retailers left almost 4 months without work, and what will happen next.

— do All the stores were able to open after quarantine?

— Despite the fact that we haven’t worked for almost four months, no serious changes in the composition of tenants we have. Some rotation takes place, but she plan and a pandemic is not connected. Some of the outlets are closed, some open. This is an ongoing process. So, after the “MEGA” resumed work, there are two monobrand shop of clothes: Lime Mohito. Building in them took place while the Mall was closed. Also was ready to open a restaurant “Tomyam Bar”, but this does not allow imposed limitations on us.