The article will be changed in favor of citizens, the interior Ministry said rules for re-payment of fines

to Change the articles of the Code of administrative offences of the payment of half of the amount of the penalty proposed in the interior Ministry. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the new law.

under the new rules, if fined, the citizen will pay half of the penalty prior to the entry of judgment, they will be calculated in terms of the execution of punishment. Changes can be made to articles 4.6 and 32.2 Coapa, to avoid larger fines in case of repeated violations.

the interior Ministry proposes to allow to pay half the fine within 20 days after its receipt, and the date of execution of the penalties calculated from the day of payment. However, the regulation should enter into force later than the time of payment. This period is important for determining repetition of the violations and given a more substantial penalties.