Menschen tanzen in einem Club. Mehrere Clubs in Berlin sollen für ein Pilotprojekt wieder drinnen öffnen dürfen - die Gäste sollen vorab zum PCR-Test. (zu dpa: «Mit PCR-Test: Berlin will Clubs für Pilotprojekt öffnen») +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

ProSieben contradicts representations by club guests in Berlin that they were secretly pricked with needles for a planned TV report by the broadcaster. “The club visitors were not pricked. They have been marked with a highlighter. It’s completely harmless,” said station spokesman Christoph Körfer.

A 27-year-old told the “Spiegel” that although she knew about the shooting in the club, she did not associate the “stab” with it and found the situation “very abusive”.

Körfer, on the other hand, emphasized: “Immediately after the TV team realized that a lady was unsettled after touching the highlighter, she was enlightened by the reporter. In this conversation, the lady was immediately informed that it was not a needle but a highlighter and what the experiment was about.”

The woman quoted by “Spiegel” made completely different statements about the timing. ProSieben emphasizes that the footage shot clearly shows the chronological sequence.

According to ProSieben, the controversial planned contribution is a production for the journal “Zervakis

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This describes attacks, for example in dark, noisy clubs, in which primarily women are pricked with needles and drugged by strangers. Incidents of this kind have been more frequent in recent times, so there is a certain fear in the nightlife.