August 19, 2022, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine: A Ukrainian soldier seen patrolling at an undisclosed frontline checkpoint position in Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine. As Ukrainian officials have claimed partiality to recover their territory, and operating a counter-offensive in the south including Mykolaiv Oblast, to attack the Russian forces in the Kherson area. Mykolaiv oblast, with the strategic city of Ukraine located on the Southern side with access to the Black Sea and is one of the main shipbuilding centres, used to have a population of 476,101 2021 est., but has been undergoing heavy siege and bombardment after the full-scale invasion from Russia, over 60% of the residents have fled from the war crisis. Mykolaiv Oblast Ukraine - ZUMAs197 20220819_zab_s197_235 Copyright: xAlexxChanx

The question of how closely the United States is involved in what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine has been raised for some time. Moscow claims: Very narrowly, Washington would even set a specific line for Ukraine. That is not entirely true.

What was known up to now: The USA definitely provides intelligence information about the Russian troops, site plans and operational strategies. Where and whether Ukraine uses them is up to Kyiv, stresses the US government, which under no circumstances wants to give Moscow an excuse to extend the war to the NATO states.

The military in Washington probably gave a little more than just information about the ongoing offensive in the south of the country, as reported by CNN (source here). US experts advised Ukraine on the concrete planning of the offensive. Originally, Kyiv probably wanted to undertake a much larger push on several fronts in the south.

However, US experts pointed out that the Ukrainians had neither enough personnel nor equipment. Kyiv and Washington played together to determine which capacities would be needed for which plan. Kyiv is currently “only” concentrating on recapturing areas in the Cherson area.

The last weapons deliveries from the USA were also tailored to the needs of the offensive now taking place. The US government intends to announce details of the next arms delivery in the next few days.

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