In the framework of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL) Moscow “Dynamo” on home ice in the penalty shootout beat capital “Spartak” – 2:1. The meeting was held in the format of a retro match, which was dedicated to 1960-th years.

the Main time ended with the score 1:1. The owners of the ice the goal was scored by Vyacheslav Kulemin (6-I minute), and the guests – Anatoly Nikontsev (45). Also the overtime winner is not revealed. In the penalty shootout was rather “blue and white”, the winning shot on his own expense recorded Vladimir Bryukvin.

it is Worth noting that before the game the ceremony of raising under the arches of the arena coaching the banner of the famous player of “Dynamo” Vladimir Yurzinov, 20 Feb celebrated its anniversary – 80 years.

the Entourage of confrontation was fully consistent with the era of the last century – both teams took to the ice in a special form, and for the fans was an exhibition of vintage photographs and Soviet cars, a special photo zone, interactives and outdoor kitchen.

historic Tense confrontation in Moscow ended with the victory of “Dynamo” in “Spartak” in a series of penalty shots — 2:1.

the game Report:ДинамоРетро

— HC Dynamo Moscow (@dynamo_ru) February 23, 2020

“Dynamo” won a third victory in their last five games and with 80 points and is in fourth place in the Western conference, and “Spartak” it is located below the line, having five points less.

In the next match of the regular championship KHL “white-blue” on Tuesday, February 25, will accept Chelyabinsk “Tractor”, and “red-white” on the same day on departure will play with Podolsk “witthe IDE”.