History 23/02/20 “Jagdverband-OST”: how to fight “werewolves” Otto Skorzeny

During the great Patriotic war the Nazis sought to “to the max” to use collaborationist personnel. One of the most “elite” institutions, where the Germans took Soviet citizens, was the division “SS-Jagdverband” headed by the legendary saboteur Otto Skorzeny.

“Fighter units” Himmler

At the end of the war by the highest officials of the Third Reich clung to any opportunity to delay the inevitable outcome. In the spring of 1944 on the orders of Heinrich Himmler Main Department of Reich security (RSHA) started to create in the SS a secret sabotage and intelligence Agency.

the New structure received the name of Waffen SS Jagdverband (“Fighter units of the Waffen-SS”), and its head was appointed SS obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, famous for his successful kidnapping of Mussolini.

headquarters “Jagdverband” is located in Fridental near Berlin. There were four divisions responsible, respectively, for prompt action, sabotage, counter-espionage and security. In addition, “affiliates” of the organization appeared at the front. The most active unit was “Ampersand-OST” on the Eastern front.

the agents

the core staff “Jagdverband” consisted of former members of the Abwehr, the soldiers of the division “Brandenburg” regiment, “Elector”, as well as the SS, which had a subversive-reconnaissance experience. In addition, the structure of actively engaged collaborators. Hundreds of Ukrainians from OUN*-Ian*, for example, were trained in fighting killers in a special subversive and terrorist school. Recruited Russian (POWs Vlasov, immigrants), representatives of the Baltic peoples and the inhabitants of many of the occupied countries of Europe.

“By November 1944, the sabotage and terrorist schools “SS Jagdverband” prepared to 25,000 agents, spies of different nationalities,” – noted studiesthe user Vasily Khristoforov and Vladimir Makarov.

For the “gain” of the organization in obedience Skorzeny was transferred to airborne and Ranger battalions, a squadron of the Luftwaffe, as well as special forces “9-Staffel”, engaged in forgery of documents.

Plans for the “Jagdverband-OST”

“Jagdverband-OST” was composed of a headquarters, three companies of special forces and two subversive groups – the “Baltic” and “Russian”.

“On the basis of subversive groups (each numbering up to 20 personnel) carried out individual training of sabotage-terrorist formations, which after completion, was immediately transferred to the Soviet rear,” writes Anatoly Tchaikovsky in the book “the NKVD and SMERSH against the Abwehr and RSHA”.

it is Known that “fighter units” planned sabotage on the Railways of Belarus and the Smolensk region. Terrorists extra-class was to liquidate the generals and colonels of the red Army. But in December 1944, Skorzeny even planned to throw agents in Moscow for the murder of prominent members of the party and government.

to Turn out in full force “Jagdverband” prevented only by a lack of resources and organizational chaos of the last days of the Reich. The head of one of the diversionary schools captain Gil in August 1945, admitted during the interrogation:

“According to the plan, my school was designed for 800 agents, but fully equipped was not. Major Auch and Colonel Skorzeny promised to complete my school, but it didn’t work out.”

After the arrival of the red Army agents Skorzeny had hoped to renew the war in Germany in the event of conflict between the USSR and the allies. As you know, this was avoided. But in Latvia “heritage” “Jagdverband” was created by its employees and sabotage organization “between Kati” (“Wild cat”) of about a thousand people. It was formed from units of collaborators Viktor Arajs, retreated with the Germans in Kurland. After the liberation of the Baltic soldiers “Katie boundary” of vlilisü part of the “forest brothers”. Arranged even when the occupants of the secret base of weapons and food allowed the armed underground in Latvia to last a few years.

* – an organization banned in Russia.

Timur Sagdiyev

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