The bizarre, Over two thousand party people yesterday gathered at Area 51, the mysterious testing grounds for the secret united states air force, in the state of Nevada. They came together as a response to the Facebook initiative-‘the Storm Area 51’. To death it was not, however, three people have been arrested.

the heavily guarded site would have to sneak the alien space ships and their crew will be blocked. The sponsor of the event, and had the men called to the complex in yesterday’s storm. In total, we cancelled online more than 2 million people, but in reality, it came in at just around 2,300 people showed up, according to local media reports. An assault did not happen.

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‘ People were wearing crazy costumes at the entrance to the base,” said one visitor. “Why would you want to miss out on? It is an experience that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Some of the party-goers were wearing space suits, and the masks of the alien creatures. We also had some banners with them.