Of science, engineering and Planet, The royal meteorological institute is celebrating a half-century of ozonmetingen in sint-genesius-rode. The Belgium meteorological service, is a pioneer in the field of these measurements, along with Switzerland and Germany. The metingenreeks three times per week, for half a century – is one of the top five longest in the world, and it is of particular importance because they are the whole of the period of time over which the famous ozone hole at the south pole, came to the present day. That way, we can, thanks to a wide range of measurement today, the impact of the ban on the use of CFCS (Chloro-fluoro-carbon) to ozone layer and to adopt it.

The measurements are actually started out of scientific curiosity,” explains Hugo De Backer, head of the Department of weather monitoring tools, from the royal meteorological institute of. “We’re hoping with the observations of our weather to improve. It was the time of the satellite. After the chemists had suggested that the CFCS of the ozone layer may be reduced, shifted our focus. It has been found that there is a hole in the ozone layer sitting over the Antarctic in the spring and in the southern hemisphere. This phenomenon demanded that, from then on, all of the attention. Please note that we do have, the hole is not detected, the measurements are taken at our degree of latitude, showed that the ozone layer has been damaged as it was.”

While the ozone in the high atmosphere, to be useful, it can be a lot of ozone that is close to the surface of the earth are dangerous to man.

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The ozone layer is very important. Although ozone is only 0,001 per cent of the atmosphere, it is nevertheless essential to life on earth, to protect it from the attack of the strong ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The greatest concentration of ozone is located approximately 22 miles above the earth’s surface. While ozone in the high atmosphere, to be useful, it can be a lot of ozone that is close to the surface of the earth to be dangerous. There, it causes any health risks in people with a compromised immune system, having heart disease and problems with the respiratory system.

all The measurements are in sint-genesius-rode with ozonsonde, which is attached to a weather balloon. “A ozonsonde, it is a very simple instrument, consisting of a pump, which draws in air from and it is a wet battery, it leads,” says De Backer. “The fluids in the battery and the reduce ozone to oxygen in the air to produce a flow of the electric current is a measure of the ozone concentration.”