Maria Voronova: was there a marching field, the wife of the traitor Vlasov agent of the NKVD

History 08/01/20 Maria Voronova: was there a marching field, the wife of the traitor Vlasov NKVD agent

the Soviet commander Andrei Vlasov, who during the war sided with the Germans, were very loving. In a short time he managed to change several wives. However, the greatest interest is the identity of Mary Raven, who Vlasov was captured. According to some reports, Raven was recruited by the NKVD and had to eliminate her lover.

an affair with the cook and the prisoner

Perhaps the most famous wartime friend, General Andrei Vlasov can be called a doctor Agnes Podlasenko. However, they were not too long. In January 1942 Podlasenko demobilized from the army for pregnancy. In February of that year its place was taken by 33-year-old chef Maria Ignat’evna Voronova. It is noteworthy that civilian Voronov, who worked in the px system, sent to the commander it is the recommendation of Agnes Podlasenko. At least so says Oleg Smyslov, author of the book “Love all the titles submissive”. However, for reasons of Podlasenko, Voronov was supposed to be the only chef in the dining room, and certainly not civil Vlasov wife. Moreover, Agnes p. considered himself the legitimate wife of a General.

However, despite the fact that Maria Voronova sometimes even passed greetings Agnes Podlasenko via Vlasov, in this time, she had became the mistress of a warlord. Voronov was the faithful companion of Andrei Andreyevich until his capture. As you know, in 1942 the Soviet troops were surrounded. Several groups tried to break through the ring of the enemy. In one of these groups was Andrei Vlasov with Maria Voronova. However, according to Valery Abaturovo and Miroslav Morozov, author of the book “the Unknown tragedy of the great Patriotic war”, July 12, Vlasov and Voronov separated from his colleagues and went to the derevny Tohawaii, where he was captured by the Germans.

the Escape and appearance in Berlin

As a rule, the majority of authors with this point begin to track only the fate of Andrei Vlasov, and Maria Voronova goes into the shadows. Meanwhile, according to Alexander Kolpakidi and Prokhorov, Dmitry, the authors of the publication “Everything about the external reconnaissance” Maria Ignatyevna herself later recalled that she was captured together with Vlasov and was imprisoned in the camp located in the village of Malaya Expressed. Soon Andrei Andreyevich was taken to Germany, and Raven managed to escape. Maria Ignatyevna was a partisan. However, the woman did not stay there: in German-occupied Riga Maria Voronova snuck in Berlin, where supposedly thanks to a happy coincidence, she met with her lover.

By the time Andrey Vlasov has already sided with the Germans and acquired a “local” wife Heidi Bielenberg. So, according to Nikolay Konyaev, in his book “the General of the quagmire. The fate and history of Andrei Vlasov”, Maria Ignatyevna had to settle for the position of chef at the General. This offense front husband Voronov to forgive and could not. Later during interrogation, she constantly deviated from the subject and switched to privacy Vlasov. However, in those days Maria Voronova, despite the betrayal of Vlasov remained faithful to him. The fact that Voronov not, in fact, happened to be in Berlin: it was to eliminate the military commander, but rather to poison him.

a Partisan or an agent of the NKVD

Emanuel Levin, the author of the book “General Vlasov on the the front line: documents, memoirs, letters,” says Maria Voronova admitted Andrei Vlasov that received the task to eliminate him in the first hours of their meeting in Berlin. Of course, Vlasov was flattered by the devotion of the former passions. However, more curious: a number of researchers, including Emanuel Levin and Oleg Smyslov, Nikolai Konyaev and others write that the elimination of Andrei Vlasov Marieand Raven allegedly instructed the guerrillas, to which she got after escaping from German captivity. That’s just not all authors agree with this version.

So, Victor Filatov in his book “Vlasovschina. ROA. White spots” leads the testimony of Wilfried Karlovich Shtrik-of Strikfeldt, patron and colleague of Andrei Vlasov, that Maria Ignat’evna Voronova, hiding out after escaping in Minsk, was recruited by the NKVD. That security officers and told Raven to get to the capital of Germany and the poison of the traitor Vlasov. And, if you believe Alexander Kolpakidi and Alexander North, the authors of the book “the Special case of the Lubyanka”, Voronov with a driver from the headquarters Vlasov, whom she married, worked in Soviet intelligence until the war ended. Subsequently, Maria Ignatyevna returned to the USSR and quietly lived out his days in the town of Baranovichi. According to Kolpakidi and Servers, this fact proves that Voronov was indeed recruited by the NKVD.

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