Some Chinese weapons in the U.S. think is the most dangerous

Weapons 08/01/20 Wikimedia Someoe Chinese weapons the United States is considered the most dangerous

the people’s liberation army of China as the country itself, over the past decade has made an incredible leap in development. According to the military rating of the company Global Firepower for 2018, it surely ranks among the most powerful in the world. More than two million soldiers, nearly eight thousand tanks and three thousand combat aircraft – such indicators can only boast of the armed forces of the other two countries of the top 3: the Union of Russia and hostile to the United States. Not surprisingly, the Internet today is full of all sorts of ratings of the Chinese and sometimes the Chinese and Russian together, weapons, who should be afraid of the Americans.

Geopolitical situation

In 2015, Beijing hosted a parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of victory in world war II. Only China Tiananmen square was about 12 thousand soldiers and drove about 500 pieces of equipment – including the latest.

Perhaps first and foremost the attention of the audience has attracted a very fearsome-looking tank ZTZ-99A and rocket launcher ATF-10. Certainly, they have something to boast of as from the point of view and from the point of view of efficiency. However, it is worth to mention that tank and self-propelled missile complex is unlikely to play a decisive role in the confrontation with the United States.

the United States is a typical Maritime state, which with its main geopolitical opponents – Russia and China – will fight with the Navy and air force, not armored vehicles and infantry. So far greater concern to Washington should call types of weapons, able to cover his cards.

Yes asunder the heavens

for Example, is also represented at the parade of the “aircraft carrier killer” Dong-Feng-21D. This is the first in the world ballistic missile land-based, designed specifically for attacking ships, and GIbarsukovo speed. Last modification device capable of hitting targets at a distance of about 1500 kilometers, and the rocket head, which is released from the upper atmosphere to reach speeds of 10 to 12 Mach numbers. Purchased at the same destructive force can cause very serious damage to even the largest ships, and as combat flying unit with a hypersonic speed, knock it down very difficult. For Americans, the main strike force of which are aircraft carriers, the DF-21D should be a big threat.

Another “star” of the parade was another ballistic medium-range missile on mobile launcher – Dong-Feng-26. The danger for US is that this is the first Chinese ballistic missile capable of reaching GUAM and its U.S. military facilities, equipped with the same nuclear charge.

the Range of DF-26, according to various estimates, from three to five and a half thousand meters. Accuracy from 150 to 450 meters. On weapons the missile was adopted in 2018.

For air superiority will have to fight

However, not only concerned about Chinese missiles of the United States. In 2011, who was then a post of the head of the Pentagon Robert gates, said that the greatest concern of Washington among all Chinese military developments cause the DF-21D fighter J-20.

J-20 – China’s first fifth generation fighter, which entered service in 2017. Its main advantages, according to experts, is the versatility in the tasks in the range of about 5.5 thousand kilometers combat radius of two thousand kilometers. Columnist for the National Interest Kyle Mizokami points out that these characteristics allow the aircraft to intercept the American attack planes and bombers, including B-1 and B-2, long before the moment they reached the Chinese coast. An easy target for him and support aviation: aircraft AWACS E-3 Sentry and E-2C Hawkeye and refueling tankers KC-135 and KC-130.

in addition, the range of J-20 allows China to patrol disputed area, covering air defence identification zone, says an expert.

it is also Important that the weapons bays of the Chinese “five” can accommodate missiles of class “air-air”, “air-ground” and “air-ship”. That is, the J-20 will be a place for the YJ-12 – newest supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, which speed even when the actual mass of the warhead is “only” 200 pounds ensures lethality at the level of a subsonic missile with a warhead weight of 500 kilograms.

the Queue for space and cyberspace

However, one cannot ignore the fact that the nature of war in the twenty-first century is changing. Today’s win by sheer force, for example the “bulk” of missiles or aircraft, it will not succeed – to triumph need more sophisticated methods.

In this regard, of particular concern to the American experts are sounding about China developing anti-satellite weapons. The same Kyle Mizokami in The National Interest writes that Americans for decades, increased its military space-based, which gave US a significant advantage on the battlefield.

But soon the dominance of States in outer space might come to an end, adds colleague Mizokami’s edition of Dave Majumdar. He quotes the words of the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates, who has previously stated that China, along with Russia seeks to “neutralize the advantages the United States, achieved at the expense of military, civil and commercial satellite systems and increasingly considering the possibility for attacks on satellite systems”.

At the moment we know that China has at least one active anti-satellite system – SC-19. This ballistic missile equipped with a kinetic interceptor KT-2, which after the withdrawal of the medium earth orbit is induced at the target infrared sensors and destroy them as “kamikaze” by the clashes.

According to some, ethe weapon was tested back in 2007 – then KT-2 destroyed an obsolete Chinese satellite.

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