Maria Laecken won the

In Moscow is a traditional track and field athletics tournament “Russian winter”. Three-time world champion in the high jump Maria Laecken won another victory, having conquered the bar at a height of 205 cm.

Maria Laecken not only showed the best result of the season in the world. It also established his personal record in the premises. In second place Anna Chicherova (1.96 m), the third was Kristina Koroleva (1,91 m).

world Champion in the pole vault Angelica Sidorova became the winner in your discipline with result of 4 m 86 cm the Second place at Olga Mullaney (4.45 m), the third — angelina Zhuk-Krasnova (4.45 m).

Valentina Kosolapova won the triple jump, fly to the best attempt by 14.08 meters. Eight inches she lost to Ekaterina Koneva (14,00), rounded out the top three Natalia Evdokimova (13,72).