Peter Shiloh: what crimes have been committed by the agent who was supposed to kill Stalin before the war

History 09/02/20 Peter Shiloh: what crimes have been committed by the agent who was supposed to kill Stalin, before the war,

Peter Shiloh in the historical literature is often called human pseudonym “Tavrin”. In 1944, “Tavrin”, who worked for German intelligence, was to eliminate Stalin, but he was exposed and executed. However, certain interest and pre-war biography of Shiloh: in those years, his life was more like a detective novel.

the gamblers

Pyotr Shilo was born in 1909 in the village of Bobryk, Chernigov province. Father, “Tavrin” was a prosperous farmer. In 1918 awl Sr. was killed by the red partisans. If you believe Vladimir Korovin, the author of the publication “the public security Organs of the USSR in the great Patriotic war”, this fact was subsequently confirmed during the special audit. After the loss of a breadwinner and up to 1930 years, Peter worked odd jobs, engaging local fists. During collectivization, the awl moved to the city of Nezhin, where he was admitted to the Department of labour and recruited workers for the construction of various industrial facilities.

according to Alexander North, the author of the book “Otto Skorzeny. The chief scout of the Third Reich”, in an authorized employee of the Department of labor Peter Shiloh was sent on a mission in Glukhov district, Chernigov region. The trip to Shiloh was supplied by public money. However, he lost at cards, and a debt of 5 thousand roubles from cash Desk. A while Shiloh had managed to hide from law enforcement, but in 1932 he was still detained, in Saratov. That’s just before the court case never came: Peter simply ran away from the Saratov prison. Together with other prisoners, he dismantled the brick wall of the prison baths and was gone.


it is Understood that after the escape of Peter Shiloh had to hide from the guards. At first, Shyla moved to IRcuts, and then settled in the Voronezh region. There, in one of the villages worked as a teacher of his wife. However, a prospective German agent could not calm down. Once in the house of Shiloh was a fire. If you believe Alexander Mikhailov, the author of the book “are Accused of espionage”, Peter Ivanovich was immediately took advantage of the situation: slightly burned his passport under the pretext of changed it. Just the name of the new document awl asked for another: so he began by Garinim. That name carried the maiden name of the wife of Peter Ivanovich.

That by the name of Gavrin Peter Shiloh entered the law school of the city of Voronezh and, as a student, I became an investigator in the Prosecutor’s office. Soon, however, the nerves have passed the awl again: he left the Institute and the post and had fled to Kiev, where he soon was arrested. But the deception is not revealed Gabrino was charged only that he voluntarily left town and left the service. In other words, Peter Ivanovich wanted to be judged only for neglect of his duties. Here are just a pain again managed to slip away during the work shift behind prison walls, Piotr Ivanovich disappeared and appeared in Tashkent, where he moved to Ufa.

Agent “Tavrin”

according to Oleg Smyslov, author of “Judah in uniform. They changed the oath”, in order to completely cover his tracks, Peter Shiloh corrected the first letter of their second names with G on T. Taurinus Barely had time to settle in a new place, in Sverdlovsk, how came the Great Patriotic war. In August 1941, Shyla was drafted into the Red army. Being at the front, Peter Ivanovich moved to the side of the Germans. Soon Tavrin was recruited by the SD (security Service of the Reichsfuhrer-SS), and was individually special training as a terrorist for committing various acts against the party leaders of the Soviet Union, including Joseph Stalin.

In 1944, Pyotr Tavrin with his new wife Lydia Shilova was thrown through the front line on the German plane. However, the operation disruptedeh: the Soviet reconnaissance spotted the plane. It is noteworthy that during the landing the Germans even supplied a couple motorcycle. It is on a motorcycle Tavrin and Shilova and was arrested. According to Fedor Razzakov in his book, “Behind whose back the President is hiding?”, when a saboteur had documents in the name of Peter Tavrin, major “SMERSH”. But such a person “SMERSH” was not listed. So Peter Shiloh and his companion were exposed. After the arrest, they both began to actively cooperate with the Soviet side, but from justice this fact did not save them: in 1952, Peter Shyla and Lydia Shilova was shot.

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