Maria Fortus: Soviet intelligence officer who survived after the shooting

Biography 20/12/19 Maria Fortus: Soviet intelligence officer who survived after the execution of

Soviet Soviet secret-scout Maria Fortus was shot by Makhno and wounded by the Nazis, but each time she returned to the system. And let researchers conduct furious arguments around each episode of this woman’s life, one they always go together — its fate was unusual and dramatic.

the Civil war

In 1918, the daughter of a banker from Kherson, Mary (Miriam) Fortus, was 18 years old. The girl joined the Bolshevik underground in Ukraine, and has performed many difficult tasks for the orders of the Cheka, for example, were transported from Kherson to Kiev jewelry. Fatal to Mary almost became a visit to the leader of the anarchist Nestor Makhno. In Katerynoslav the Bolsheviks hoped to get money from the “father” and as “peregovory” dispatched pretty Fortus. It successfully circled Makhno around her finger, telling him that the money intended for the needy teachers.

“Axis of Yak Gerasenko (That’s so pretty)”, — dropped, “dad”, looking at Mary, and ordered to comply with her request.

“Makhno’s Wife, Galina, remember it. A few months later, she identified the Ekaterinoslav “ucitelka” among nurses in one of the Makhnovist troops, and — whether correctly guessing her as a spy, whether purely Babskii jealousy — ordered to shoot,” writes the biographer Makhno Vasily Golovanov.

Then Maria Fortus was only wounded in the shoulder. Another bullet bounced off the brass buttons on her dress. Makhno had spared her and did not shoot. Thanks to the help of local residents, the scout reached their. Early episodes from the life of Fortus became the basis for the script of the military drama “salute, Maria!” 1970 with Ada Rogovtseva in the title role.


the Fate of Mary Fortus became intertwined with Spain in 1919 when she met her future husband — left activist Ramon Casanellas Luke. In the late twenties, the couple went to Spain, where Ramon participated in the activities of the Communist party of Catalonia. Mary lived in the Republic of forged documents — the Spanish authorities thought that she is a citizen of Uruguay Julia Jimenez Cardenas.

In 1934, after the death of the husband of the underground under mysterious circumstances, Maria Fortus returned home, but not for long. When in Spain civil war broke out, an employee of the NKVD were sent to the Iberian Peninsula, at my own request. Officially she was listed as a translator with the military Advisor Cyril Meretskova, which helped the Republicans. In fact, Fortus fulfill orders of the head of the detachment of the NKVD in Spain, Alexander Orlov (Leiba Feldbin). According to Spanish researchers, the Soviet secret service participated in the physical liquidation of the left Republicans, disloyal to the Soviet Union — for example, anarchists and Trotskyists. She Fortus later wrote that he had not stayed in Barcelona and made incursions into the enemy’s rear, for example, sent blows of the Republican aircraft on the German aircraft of the Legion Condor at the airport near Leon. Spanish war woman lost her son Ramon, who was a military pilot.

Great Patriotic war

Distinguished Maria Fortus and in the war with the Nazis. It was included in the famous sabotage detachment of the NKVD “Pobediteli” under the command of Dmitry Medvedev, who conducted operations in the Western Ukraine. One of the challenges experienced scout was helping out a colleague Nikolay Kuznetsov in the implementation of sabotage against the ranks of the Wehrmacht in the occupied territories. Duo managed to destroy 11 of the fascist generals. In one of the battles Maria Fortus was wounded, and after recovery as a scout of headquarters of the 3rd Ukrainian front operated in Hungary and Romania. In 1944 it conducted the operation “Alba Regia” to rescue the Soviet residents in the city of székesfehérvár. About this episode in her biography in 1961 in Hungary made the film.

After the war, Maria Fortus some time served in the GRUpirovcu the red Army in Austria. Legendary Soviet secret service has earned a total of 34 awards, including 2 orders of Lenin and many foreign medals. Fortus died in 1981, having to leave some memories about yourself and comrades. It is named after one of the streets of Kherson.

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“””Spanish war woman lost her son Ramon, who was a military pilot.”””

she had her husband Ramon. The son was also Ramon?
how many years was at the time of death the son of Ramona? Or mother (1900 year of birth) gave birth to the future pilot at the age of 12?

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