Like the fight of football fans provoked the collapse of Yugoslavia

Another 31/01/20 newsbeast.DGCAs the fight of football fans provoked the collapse of Yugoslavia

13 may 1990 in Croatian in Zagreb was a football match between local team Dinamo and Serbian club from Belgrade “Crvena Zvezda”. In the story of this game was called “Match of hate” and after it became clear that the days of Yugoslavia as a single state are numbered. Mass slaughter of fans at the Zagreb stadium demonstrated the tensions between Croats and Serbs is not solved peacefully, and the intensity of hatred between these Nations is enormous.

Before the war

After world war II, the Yugoslavia created by Tito, has become economically developed state. However, the country has been accepted the unusual defence concept, in which each of the six Federal republics had their own armed forces. Between the multinational population of the state for centuries, there was controversy, which escalated in the late ‘ 80s, when former Communist leaders turned into Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bosnian nationalists.
Particularly distinguished Catholic Croats, traditionally consider themselves above the Orthodox Serbs culturally. This is Croatia gave a great part of their foreign exchange earnings to the Treasury of Yugoslavia, and funds from the centre is distributed among all parts of the state.

the principal opposition

the Dynamo and the Belgrade “red Star” has always been distinguished by integrity and acquired the status of political confrontation. The first forays began to make the Croats. They are from the late ‘ 80s in large groups and with national symbols came to Belgrade, where they often put up a fight with the locals and the police.

that is why the departure to Zagreb, the Serbs were seriously prepared. The basis of the fan movement of Belgrade was grouping, literal translation of the name which meant “Heroes”. For departure to Zagreb they were joined by fans from all over Serbia. Inthis in the Croatian capital came to 3 thousand militant Serbs seeking revenge from a Dynamo.
Escalate the stop that all parties were ardent nationalists, and a few weeks before the match in Croatia held elections, which were won by championing the cause of independence Franju Tudjman.

the Battle at the stadium

Serbian fans in “enemy territory” was led by željko Ražnatović, known as Arkan. This man was known as a robber of banks, and in a future war, it will become field commander of his own army. The Serbs resisted Croatian fans from the group Bad Blue Boys or “Bad boys”, who were joined by many people from the fan movement.
before the start of the match on the streets of Zagreb, broke out of the mass brawl, which became the prelude to the massacre at the stadium. After the teams came on the field the opposing parties staged a roll call. The Serbs shouted “Zagreb is Serbian!” and “the Death of Tudjman!”, and the Croats have said — “the Serb on a willow” that was the famous ustasha slogan.

the First attack rushed “Heroes”, cracked the podium, fence and attacked the “Bad guys”. The Serbs began to throw opponents torn seats and fire, and the Croats accepted the challenge and responded in kind. The police tried to stop the conflict and batons and tear gas began to push Croats from the stands to the playing field than just angry fans.
“Heroes” rushed to finish opponents, and angry Croats among 500 people were crushed as small police and broke through to the Serbs, who began to hammer a torn seats and selected law enforcement officers with batons. By this time the match was stopped and the players took under the bleachers, but the Croatia player Zvonimir Boban, dissatisfied with the action police hit one of them foot, even more than escalated the situation.
On the football field turned mass battle “blue and white” Croats and “red-white” the Serbs mercilessly beat each other, and all of them beat the police. On herbse lay dozens of bodies, on the treadmill went water cannons in the air flying sticks and seats, and all this was held under the fiery music, which is not thought off.
Through time, the Serbs gathered on his podium, but the Croats more than an hour continued to fight with police. To calm them down was only after the arrival of reinforcements. In the fight suffered more than a hundred people, many had even stab and gunshot wounds.

the consequences of battle

a Fight at the match the Croatian Dinamo and Serbian “red star” led to the escalation of the conflict. After the game violence has become a common argument that was used more often for peaceful political debate. In June 1990, Tudjman initiated in Croatia the company for the dismissal of Serbs from government agencies and the police. In response, the Croatian Serbs declared autonomy. All this led to a bloody civil war.
it is Interesting that Tudjman decided to rename the team “Dinamo” in “Croatia”, which aroused the anger of the fans. Fans not even allowed into the stadium in an old t-shirt which is now considered a relic of the Communist past. Only ten years later, the “Bad guys” returned to his club the same name.

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