For that youngest son of Imam Shamil wanted to kill his brother

History 31/01/20 that the youngest son of Imam Shamil wanted to kill his brother

In late August 1859 16-th Russian corps stormed the Dagestani village of Gunib, which was defended by 400 murids, with the support of local residents and Russian deserters. During this battle the leader of the mountain peoples who resisted the Russian Empire, the Imam Shamil was taken in captivity. The fall of Gunib ended a half-century Caucasian war, and now only the Circassians continued to resist.

For the surrender and loyalty to the Russian crown Imam Shamil promised safety. Leaving the Caucasus, a former commander of the highlanders moved to Kaluga, where he lived in a small estate given to him by the Emperor Alexander II. In Russia, the Imam came along with numerous servants, two wives and sons — 27-year-old Ghazi Muhammad and 20-year-old Muhammad-Shefi. The brothers were complete opposite of each other. The elder was thin and already experienced in the military, and the youngest is very partial and good-natured character.

Flight the eldest son of

Upon arrival to Kaluga, the brothers parted ways. Ghazi decided to stay with the father, and Shefi, deciding it was too young for life in a provincial estate, wanted to enlist in the Russian army. The Emperor Alexander treated the desire of the young man favorably and ordered to enroll Highlander a cornet in the life guards.

In 1868, aged Shamil due to poor health he moved to Kiev and a year later received the Imperial permission to make the Hajj to Mecca, during which dying. The Imam was buried in Medina, and in the last journey with him was Ghazi. The eldest son returned to Russia, knocks out St. Petersburg additional funds for the maintenance of the family of father and escapes to Turkey.

the Quarrel of the brothers

From an early age Gazi fought his first wound he received in 6 years, but in Dagestan he was considered a skillful and brave commander. During the Russian tourckoi war 1878-1879 year, the eldest son of Imam Shamil commanded an Ottoman division, takes part in the siege of Bayazet and zaslujivaet to the rank of Marshal.

Shefi meets the beginning of the war in the Caucasus in the rank of Colonel. Prior to that, he performing a special military order of the headquarters, for several years he visited England, France, Germany and other European countries. Having learned that the elder brother took up arms against Russia, he wrote a letter to Alexander II with a request to send him to the front. The Emperor, not wishing the meeting of the brothers, refuses, and sends an officer to Kazan. The sons of Shamil are unable to cross weapons on the battlefield, but he made his own war correspondence. Gazi and Shefi exchange of letters which argue and accuse each other of treason.

Senior writes that all Caucasians who serve the Emperor, “smells like Russian spirit”, and the youngest claimed to have taken the oath of allegiance to Russia, where Caucasus was better to live. The war Turkey lost, and Gazi was sent to the honorable Marshal’s pension, and Shefi rose to the rank of major General and correspondence between them continued. After a few years the brothers gradually reconciled and have begun to worry about the health of each other. But they are no longer met. Ghazi died in 1902 and was buried in Medina next to his father. Shefi died in 1906 in Kislovodsk.

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