LA joins San Francisco and New York City as liberal hotspots in implementing vaccine mandates to the private sector

Some are concerned that it could spark violence and pose a threat to the safety of service workers.

Businesses that do not comply could face fines up to $5,000 for each offense

Los Angeles residents will have to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter any indoor venue or business after Los Angeles’s city council approved one of the strictest vaccination mandates in the country.

Mayor Eric Garcetti will sign the broad measure into law. It requires proof of vaccination for entry to gyms, bars, hair salons, and other places.

Los Angeles has a multitude of walled establishments. This is in contrast to other cities that have mandated them.

The rule applies to large venues as well. This means that proof of vaccination is required to watch a L.A. Lakers or Hollywood Bowl concert live.

The ordinance will take effect on November 4th and was passed by a 11-2 vote despite opposition from local businesses and anti-vaxxers.

Before today’s vote, the California Restaurant Association voiced opposition to the measure.

Jet Condie, president of the Association, stated in a statement that this measure does not address the safety risks for workers, who are expected enforce a measure that, honestly, brings out some of the worst in customers.

According to Eric Garcetti’s spokesperson, the Los Angeles Mayor will sign the mandate.

Garcetti stated in a statement that vaccinating more Angelenos was the only way to end this pandemic.

“These new rules will encourage more people get the shot and make businesses safer for employees and customers. This will allow us to save more lives, better protect vulnerable individuals, and make our communities safer while we fight this pandemic.

A number of local residents wrote to council before today’s vote asking them to reconsider the harsh ordinance.

Faigie Applebaum Carmel asked how the city would enforce the rules.

She wrote that asking for proof of vaccination is unconstitutional and unreasonable and would lead to discrimination and violence as well as other crimes (like forgery).

“You need to find a better approach to this rampant coronavirus. A way that doesn’t lead us to accept only one way of living, one outlook, one authority, and punish all others.

In its draft ordinance, the city stated that the Delta variant remained a problem and that it was likely that the situation would worsen in the fall and winter.

The ordinance stated that if there isn’t a significant increase of vaccine coverage, local experts in health warn that there will likely be repeated surges every few month.

“The city has an interest to increase vaccination rates, which will in turn help stem the spread COVID-19, and protect its residents from a disease that threatens everyone’s health, safety, and wellbeing.

Nury Martinez, Los Angeles Councilmember, stated that insisting on the jab is the next step in combating vaccine reluctance within the nation’s second-most populous city.

Martinez stated that he felt it was too time-consuming to restrict people who had done their part by wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

“We must both reduce the spread of the virus and make it difficult for people who are not vaccinated to get indoor facilities. This will put lives in danger. It is too risky.

Los Angeles joins San Francisco and New York in leading the charge for vaccine mandates.

San Francisco requires proof of vaccination to enter bars, restaurants, clubs and gyms.

The ordinance covers those who are eligible for the jab (currently, those 12 years old and older) in places that serve food or drinks.

New York City residents must have proof of at least one approved jab in order to eat indoors, exercise at a gym or visit an indoor entertainment venue such as a movie theater or concert hall.

A New York City restaurant hostess claimed that she was attacked last month by three Texas women. She had requested proof of immunization for indoor dining.

Los Angeles’s new rule is being rescinded by businesses will result in heavy fines.

They will be given a warning and notice for the first violation. However, they will be subject to a sliding scale of fines for each subsequent offense.