Ostend For The Sp.a Stadsmakers did Monday night, the city council is to leave out of dissatisfaction with the conduct of the hearing.

It was earlier in the evening, a sharp debate between mayor Bart Tommelein, and John Crombez. That set the tone for the session. Nancy Bourgoignie wanted to be involved in the second budget change is for 2019, but the hustle and bustle in accordance with gemeenteraadsvoorzitter, Wouter De Vriendt, to allow the button to make a contribution, to ask questions. “I am talking about the grants and budget changes. It should be here in a drafje be finished? I have, however, at the time, pushed”, did Bourgoignie, full of. De Vriendt there was, however, in that they are only on the right, had pushed, when it is the point, which is, indeed, rapidly passing over, though it was all over.

Nancy Bourgoignie left it there and started to ask questions about the budget of the Hulpverleningszone-West-Vlaanderen-1. John Crombez wanted to make the event, don’t just let it pass by. “If you want to have your point of view remains that if someone is a second late at this level, they are no longer able to act, then we leave for the city council. Otherwise, you’ll need to tell me how you record, that, you, with your big words about democracy and public participation as an important point, to let it pass. We are going to be the main points or the audience to explain,” said Crombez.