Showbiz) André Hazes not only has a lot of problems with his girlfriend Monique, with his sister, Roxeanne is a Dutch singer and over the last few years, the button. And it doesn’t look like that fight is resolved, it will hit you.

“We are not for each other,” said André, his sister, in ‘waar is De Mol?’. “I don’t need to come out. I think it’s fine as it is.”Even his mother, whom he for years had a fight, had him to tell you.“My mom and I were just as good,” says Andre, who, however, was the fact that the contact between the two of them a few years ago, it was broken. “That’s when I found her, asked the question, ” why is that? How are you supposed to have three years of no contact with your son?’ And then, she was firmly convinced: “yes, but it didn’t come with me.” So they can see that it isn’t.”

“do you Know what it is?”, “she continues. “I can’t be mad at her, and my mother is just very sick, or something like that. I have a lot of respect for her and for everything she has done as a mother, is that really a hat, but she’s just lost, and I hope that they will be back, and be happy.”

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