Leuven is In the OHL and in the office of the clerk of the labour court in Leuven in belgium they call it, for many years, “the champion”. We are, of course, concerning Belgian, Johan Vanneck has been around since 1998 and are a permanent person in the FC, The Champions in both the series and the movies. “I am very much looking forward to the new series. The people in my area talking all about the comeback of the Vanneck, ” but all I’m seeing is in the film in december, is released.”

a lot of people from louvain take to know that Johan Vanneck, as one of the driving forces behind the social project of football club of the OHL, or as a fixed value, in the clerk’s office of the Industrial tribunals in the world. Yet, in the face of Johan Vanneck as a matter of course for many other people as the ‘champion’ has been around for many years to be a permanent person in the FC was The Champion. When it became known that, in 2021, a new television series that is broadcast by the most well-known football team from Flanders (belgium) in the title role, Johan met up with nostalgia. “During the final season of the television series, I had to be honest, it gradually enough, but when it came to the movies. So I decided to get them to do it, and as a result, I have also acted as well in all the movies. I am looking forward to the premiere of the film in december, is released, but really, I look even more forward to the filming of a new television series. It will have been a great reunion with the whole cast. Actually, we are like one big family. What would you like to know, after all these years?”, says Johan Vanneck.