In the center of the South of france, Saint-Raphael has, this morning, at least one man taken where he is of Arabic inscriptions made on the walls of the building. “The museum will be a living hell”, and it is one of the leuzes.In the meantime, the police and the man was arrested, the local authorities are on Twitter, let me know.

There has been mention of one or two persons who, taken, had. The police search the museum, even if they have a second person to be able to find it.

The prefecture of the French department of the Var, it says that the man acted alone and is not the was armed. His motives are not yet clear, and he or she refuses to talk about.

According to the news Franceinfo hit with a daily maid service, an alarm, and once they are on the inside and blocked the door to the museum was able to open it.