Jaroslav Hasek: the scandalous antics of the

Biography 03/02/20 Jaroslav Hasek: the scandalous antics of the “abnormal” writer

“I am sincerely fond of the good soldier Schweik, and presented to the readers of his adventures during world war II, I’m sure everything will be sympathetic to this unrecognized hero” — as the Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek started his famous unfinished novel.

the Main character “kind of idiocy exempted from military service,” from the first line impresses with its inexhaustible optimism and absolute unpredictability. It is believed that of Josef Svejk was real prototypes. One of Prague craftsman, fellow soldier and friend Hasek, a lover of stories. Another, whose fame “a careful analysis would dwarf even the glory of Alexander the great,” was Yaroslav Hasek.

the adventures of the brave Hasek

with a phenomenal memory and extraordinary abilities, Jaroslav Hasek (1883-1923) differed adventurism, restless, and changeable nature. It has developed around a mass of anecdotes and legends, which the writer gladly spread their stories, so that the real facts are closely intertwined with the tales, making his biography almost as exciting as the adventures of the good soldier Schweik.

in 1897, during the next series of anti-German demonstrations in Prague, a police patrol detained joined the anarchists Hasek with pockets full of stones. Hasek convinced the Commissioner that the stones intended for the school collection of minerals, but he rejected the justification for 14-year-old youngster, saying that, in view of the state of emergency, tomorrow will be shot without trial. Then Jaroslav Hasek sent home a note: “Dear mommy! Tomorrow, I go to lunch don’t wait, because I’ll be shot. Mr. teacher Gaspergou say that I received the minerals are in the police Department. When we come to my friend vojtisek Gorgi, tell him that I had 24 mounted police. When will my funeral, still unknown”. The next morning the Commissioner was replaced and Hasek was released.

Shortly after this incident, Hasek, leaving his studies, embarks on a walking journey across the country, which is only the first page in the book of his endless travels. He visited the Balkans and Bucharest, Krakow, and Hungary, Galicia and Slovakia, and in Russia. While wandering through Europe, easily mastering foreign languages, he became a polyglot. Not just being arrested for vagrancy and disorderly conduct, he eventually turned into a real barefoot king of Bohemia writes about their adventures in numerous publications, made him the most popular comedian of his time.

to List the incidents connected with him endlessly. For example, one day a passerby saw Hasek staring into the water from the bridge and called the police, believing that the poor fellow decided to commit suicide. Police Hasek had the Holy Jan Nepomucky, about 518 years of age, after which he was immediately sent to a madhouse. And even though doctors quickly realized that Hasek totally healthy, just to send him home failed, and writer for some time with interest collected in the nuthouse material for the future works.

another time, after the outbreak of the First world war, hašek settled in Prague hotel under the name “Leo Nikolaevich Turgenev, a private employee”, who came from Russia with revision of the Austrian General staff. As a Russian spy him under heavy guard taken to the police station, where he explains that he considered it his civic duty to check up thus, “in this heavy time for the country has had a state police”.

During the war, Hasek managed and at the front to visit, and to voluntarily surrender to the Russian captives, and to work for the Bolsheviks — and all this was accompanied by an incredible “adventures”. So, if you believe the memoirs and Lukas Vanek, when Hasek himself was going to escape and surrender to Russian, meet him on the way gwhere the group of Russian deserters literally forced Hasek to take them prisoner and take in the location for which he was awarded a silver medal “For bravery” and made the rank of corporal. Hasek himself was assured that the medal was awarded for saving the battalion commander of lice, spread mercurial ointment.

And on his return to Prague in December 1920, after five years ‘ residence in Russia, from the pile of newspaper clippings, the writer has learned, “that was three times hanged and shot twice once quartered by wild Kirgiz insurgents on lake Calais, Isyh”.

Despite the substantial income from art, money in the family Hasek and not increased. He continued to disappear for several days, wandering the neighborhood and wrote with enthusiasm to the last days of life.

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