George Delavar: what happened to the first Soviet spy

History 03/02/20 George Delavar: what happened to the first Soviet spy

the Mission on the implementation of scout with the nickname “Charles” in the headquarters of the expeditionary force of the allies in Odessa became one of the first operations of the Bolsheviks. Glazed French nobleman, well-educated, fluent in four languages and believes in the ideals of anarchism, was the perfect candidate for this job.

head of the special Department of the Cheka Mikhail Sergeyevich Kedrov has formulated his problem very clearly: “Charles” must infiltrate the headquarters of the French to get as close as possible to the command of the expeditionary corps; to find out the plans of the invaders, the balance of forces and interaction of the British, French, Galicians, and Petlura. And most importantly, he needed to find out whether the cessation of the intervention by non-military.

At the end of December 1918 scout Charles, he’s a French nobleman George G. Delavar (Georges de La FIA), went from St. Petersburg to the South.

Nobleman and anarchist

According to the questionnaire of the Cheka, George Delavar born in 1894 in Sestroretsk in the family of engineer-gunsmith, which was “exported” from France to Russia. After graduating from College, George went to Paris, where he received a higher education. He then returned to Russia and began to work at the Armory by the Modeler – produced forms for the foundry. As a young man knew except the Russian and French German and Italian, he sometimes worked part time, engaged in literary and business translations.

During the First world war he served in forwarding the office of his father, through which on the front were the weapons and then until the October revolution was part of the French mission under General Henri Missile. It is obvious that even then he conducted revolutionary activities and supported the conspirators. It is unknown exactly when George came into the International communitiesforge group of the RCP (b), but immediately after the revolution, in December 1917, Delavar began working in the Cheka, and, therefore, despite his youth, the Bolsheviks, he was entrusted with.

in the Spring of 1918 the French were assigned to deal with the revolt of left socialist-revolutionaries in Moscow, and in summer he was questioned by foreign officers arrested after the failure of the conspiracy as Consul General in Russia, Bruce Lockhart. The Bolsheviks believed in a conspiracy, the purpose of which was to organize a military coup in the Kremlin, was attended by French, English and Latvians.

the activity of Delavara the Cheka was interrupted by the intervention: 20 Nov 1918 in Odessa landed Anglo-French troops under the command of General Philip d Anselm. Information from the occupied city for some time continued to receive from representatives of the network of agents created undercover kinofirmy “Mirograf”, but then the channel was closed. Delavaro ought to find out what happened.

Strong Colonel – little Colonel

the Colonel of service of external intelligence of the Soviet Union Vladimir Karpov in his book “a Secret mission in Paris. Graf Ignatiev against German intelligence in 1915-1917” told me that to get into the French headquarters of Delavaro helped a former colleague at the courier office, Russified Frenchman George A. Willem, who recommended him as interpreter to Colonel Henri de Freudenberg. After a brief review of Delavara adopted in the headquarters of the allies. Careful reconnaissance on the work of any of the records do, no one spoke and all information was kept in mind.

on January 27 Charles was sent to Moscow the first letter in the name of his alleged lover of Henrietta Leger. In fact, it was a report to the Cheka, which he described: the balance of power in the headquarters, the contradictions that emerged between the invaders because of the situation in the middle East, strife between foreigners and volunteer army, the plans of the French to seize the Ukraine and the Donbass.

a Major figure in Odessa was Colonel Freudenberg, which were levers belguardYeisk counterintelligence “ABC”, acting in Russia and in Europe. The Colonel was a weak point: greed. For the sake of gain, he was willing to ignore orders from Paris, so the Cheka did a number on him.

the Girl and death

to get to the Colonel, it was agreed through the star of Russian cinema of the Cold Faith, which was in Odessa and sympathized with the Bolsheviks. Freudenberg lost mind of languid beauty, which weighed own glory. The impact of the actress on it day by day increased, but then “ABC” intercepted the second report of Charles in the Centre. The Bolsheviks did on the field of military intelligence were only the first steps, and could not compete with real professionals in this region: Odessa in addition to “ABC” acted counterintelligence French, British, Petlyura and the Ukrainian Rada. Trouble in bringing Delavar mentioned the actress, and two days later – February 16, 1919, the 25 – year-old Vera Kholodnaya died of rapid pulmonary edema. Apparently, he was poisoned. The official version says that the actress died of “Spanish flu”.

Catching the third report of the Charles, the French found that no of Henrietta Leger in Moscow, besides the address of an imaginary sweetheart testified that she lives suspiciously close to the Lubyanka.

End aristocrat

Meanwhile, the KGB developed a plan to bribe Freudenberg and Delavar managed to steal from a hotel room the notebook French counterintelligence major Portal. Now in Moscow know date of arrival of French troops in Odessa, the number of garrisons and information about high-ranking officers.

On suspicion of theft was arrested by the Cheka scout Kallistrat Sagi, and soon the intelligence came to Delavara: it has been speculated that it passed during the interrogation, someone from the local Bolshevik underground. Perhaps he identified the spy-guard Vladimir Orlov, who worked undercover in the Cheka in 1918. I was in Odessa for one more person who knew about the political preferences of Delavare, agent BritishOh the intelligence of Sydney Riley, who in connection with the intensification of Charles arrived in Odessa from Crimea.

it is Known that in March Charles was able to send a report to Moscow on the emergency channel, but was arrested by the French, who had given him white counterintelligence. Its further fate is unknown. According to one version, after several weeks of interrogation with other Bolsheviks brought the barge into the sea and drowned. However, when later the bodies were raised from the bottom, the scout was not among them. According to another version, the last Russian French of the de La Headlights shot in the Odessa prison.

the Plan to bribe Freudenberg was the KGB, obviously, made. 3 APR 1919 Freudenberg, not paying attention to the General d Anselm and orders of Paris, the troops evacuated from Odessa. The city fell into the red without firing a shot. In France, the mercenary Colonel was waiting for a military Tribunal.

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