Inflammation develop rapidly: what to do when trauma to the chest, stagnation of milk and hypothermia from the air conditioning

inflammation in the chest, the situation is extremely unpleasant, painful and frightening. What to do, where to go in case of injury of the breast or nipple, from cold under air conditioning or when stagnation of milk? What is fraught with such problems and how to understand that it is time to the doctor — was told by an experienced breast physician, oncologist, plastic surgeon “Clinic Pasman” Ekaterina Nagaitseva.

Inflammatory diseases of the mammary glands, not associated with lactation:

mastitis on the background of hypothermia: the actual problem in the spring and summer, when they begin to actively use the air conditioning;
hematoma with inflammation or suppuration of the mammary glands due to injury, injury (blood in the breast have accumulated, start to become inflamed, to suppurate);
ductile — intraductal inflammation in trauma of the nipple, when it contains infectious agents, causing inflammation of the reasons can be many, ranging from the friction of the nipple due to incorrectly chosen underwear and ending with the injuries sustained by negligence in an intimate relationship from a partner.

How to fix surgically?

— not Necessarily, it all depends on how soon a woman asked: if at the stage of infiltration (a painful thickening with inflammation) — you can do without a scalpel, using anti-inflammatory therapy, antibiotics, physiotherapy treatment, compresses, ointments, etc. But if I was reaching the stage of abscess (before this usually takes very little time), the only surgical opening and drainage of the abscess cavity, — says Ekaterina Nagaitseva. Is nothing to worry about, easy operations, after which on the chest is no deformation, only a small scar.

Inflammatory diseases of the mammary glands in the background of lactation

lets talk about inflammation on the background of lactation — lactose. This problem occurs if you have not established lactation, milk comes more than nnecessity, is the stagnation of milk in the ducts and creates inflammation: infiltration first, and if it is not time to heal, developing an abscess, — says Ekaterina. — The main thing here is to normalize lactation.

When a woman gives birth, most often no one teaches how to give chest, what to do if baby has eaten and slept, and her breast full of milk, how to pump, what to do when milk goes bad, how to develop Breasts. No one originally did not know how, and it often causes serious problems.

If you have any trouble with feeding, when milk stasis it is important to immediately appeal to mammologist — it will help to correct the situation, explain what is happening, show you what to do in the future to avoid such problems. It is important to remember that any inflammation in the breast is developing rapidly, so we have to act quickly to maintain lactation, to avoid the abscess and surgical treatment.

When to go to the doctor?

— Alarming symptoms, which suggests that it is time to the doctor: seal, redness, swelling and tenderness in the breast or nipple, fever.

If you experience problems with the breast we will conduct an ultrasound to determine what stage of the inflammation, take a scalpel or a fairly conservative treatment.

we Have in the Department on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 1/1 very nice Department of physical therapy, and we work closely with an experienced doctor-reflexologist Elena Valentinovna Shvelidze, I send to her patients for physiotherapy, to the maximum extent possible to reduce swelling and inflammation.

to consult a mammologist Ekaterina Sergeevna Nagaichuvai about inflammation of any origin, and breastfeeding is possible by phone 8 (383) 285-60-59.

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