The TV Story Showbiz Awards are coming up, and of course, the titanic battle of the daytime soaps, then start again. The annual battle between ‘Family’ and ‘Home’ is one that is primarily on social media, it is fought out between the various characters in the movie.

By Facebook and Instagram is calling the all-star cast of both up to vote. For example, we saw it on the Instagram account of “the Family” for a group photo with the caption, ” votes have it!’. But even Christophe Haddad called on his followers to vote for, just as Vanya Wellens and Daan Hugaert, who is himself a motivational banner morning for a ‘home away from Home’.Roel Vanderstukken and A Levi to show off, then on again, the Facebook of the ‘Family’.

‘Home’actress Leah’s Squad has more titles to the game, as they are also eligible for the ‘best actress’award.

It is the actors to be able to ask for what they want to do, ultimately it is up to the audience to decide. The mood of the Story Showbiz Awards is still open until the end of september.Who is there of you, with the title of ‘best soap’ go for a walk? Cast your vote here and make a difference!