Heist-op-Den-Berg, of The family of the late Shashia series of poker main event (20 years old) from Heist-op-den-Berg, will be her home is not miss. After the failure of a covered playground in The Monty in a Rush, it looked to be that of the family, her house, and would miss it, but the problem has now been resolved. The proceeds from the planned fundraiser for the family is going to a good cause.

Shashia moves into February, 2017, in the direction of Antwerp to the Pokémon’s figures, to continue to trade by John V. d.B. The body of the Shashia was later found to be in the fitness of V. d.B. in the port of Antwerp On Straelenstraat. The mother and step-father of Shashia did not take long after the murder of Shashia with their indoor play area, The Monty is in the Bergstraat in Heist-op-den-Berg. The purchasers of these goods were, however, gone bankrupt, so the family got into trouble. “The bank has came up to be with the family of the Shashia for money, as they have a deposit, a loan is to the case. The money allowed the family members did not immediately pay, and they were threatened with losing their homes to play in,” says m from Shashia Peggy Goyvaerts. “We have tried to make a lot of money in the box, with the sale of cakes, biscuits and wafers. This led us to do something, but, of course, is not enough to make it home to be able to save it. Fortunately, the problem was solved.”

you can also Read the Mama’s murdered Shashia stop with the indoor play area is: “Under these circumstances, it is not to do with Other bank –

The family went on to have a bank knocking on your door. “With the new bank for a new loan to close. This time, there is no a guarantee included, what it sounds like. “To the family, this is one less to worry about. The murder case surrounding accused-V. d.B. it comes from the 18th of October, in the assize court in Antwerp, belgium. It’s been a tough time for the family. It’s a problem with the house was that they could not hit.”