In some cases Wehrmacht soldiers wore women's clothes

History 05/02/20 In some cases Wehrmacht soldiers wore women’s clothes

the Nazis in the forties of the twentieth century was a dualistic notion of sexual morality — they are not welcomed sexual relations, but did not interfere with a transgender show, hosted by members of the Wehrmacht.

it’s All documented

Journalists of the popular German publication Der Spiegel has studied the documents of the great Patriotic war, where the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht (men) appear in the image dressed in women. Photopatterning of such behavior are many, and modern researchers are trying to understand why the Nazis did it. The official motivation is missing. And if she was?

Nobody else

the Berlin based artist Martin Damman, a collection of photos and videos disguised “in female” soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht which analyzed “der Spiegel”, “myself”: the Nazis, “by definition” in the great Patriotic war to kill all suspected of same-sex love, these advocates of “pure Aryan race”, it turns out, wore lingerie, painted!

In all this, it would be impossible to believe, if not multiple documentary evidence of this behavior — photos and filming. Really a lot hundreds of snapshots and m films.

This phenomenon really is not seriously studied by Western psychologists — no one can hold and analyze the Parallels between the desire of German soldiers to the burlesque, mindful of the vaudeville, carnival and problems with sexual identification of some of the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Experts this problem is deeply analyzed, although the material for it is more than enough.

Martin Damman “takes a number” — he is not an expert in the field of gender identity, but as “brute statistics”, looked at a lot of archival images of soldiers and officers of British, American and other military personnel did hit him havd: dressed in a “feminine” all the military. But no more Germans. Fortunately, our this list was not — the Damman could not find any photos of Soviet soldiers in lingerie.

Release of energy or is it a manifestation of the pathology

Martin Damman, talking about why German soldiers so often dressed in women’s clothes suggested they were far from home, missed the families, the wives, trying in this way to sublimate his sexual energy, turning it in such extravagant forms is called fetishistic transvestism. Anyway, did the representatives of traditional forms of gender relations. About the pathological component of this kind of research there — all the hypothesis that among warring of the Nazis was hidden transgender (Der Spiegel mentions this hypothesis), was just a guess.

Another possible reason for the change of the gender of the image was cross-dressing dual-role. It was a psychological consequence of the eugenic policies of the third Reich, which was selected at the man, his status, forcibly defining options for sexual intimacy. It affects the future of these relations German citizen could not, which led to a kind of psychological castration. Here we add the installation of “soldiers of the Reich”, which was taken from the soldier responsible for the behavior and take care of you. You have to understand that on top of all of this was richly flavored with combat stress and psychostimulants, distributed among the troops.

the sum of these factors “brave German soldiers” psychologically turned into embittered nedolyublennosti woman who tried to compensate. And there were Nazis in skirts.

the circumstances

in Addition, on the Eastern front the Germans had many reasons for cross-dressing in women’s clothes — the Soviet people and the red army actively contributed. In an attempt to avoid capture, to escape from the red army or to outwit them, the Germans also used these methods. One such case is very well described in the works of Mikhail Zoshchenko “the Teacher” from the series “Soldiers ‘ stories”, when the Germans under the guise of captured Soviet women were digging their trenches.

And finally, another reason for this “masquerade.” The Germans already in 1941, the deadly (literally) freezing in the Soviet Union. The bodies of the occupants were full covered with snow earth. They were wearing everything that could be taken from Soviet civilian population — women, children, the elderly. In the archives, too, like Martin Dammann, has many photos (perhaps we have even more than him), where the Nazis dressed in women’s clothing — shawls, scarves, cardigans.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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