American athletes want public hearings in the case RUSADA

Committees of the athletes, the United States supported the request by the world anti-doping Agency on public hearings on the dispute with the Russian anti-doping Agency, which will allow the court of arbitration for Sport.

Requirement of Americans supported the committees, athletes and other countries, including Canada, the UK, Norway, Germany and Denmark. Wants public hearings and the Global movement of the Athlete. Previously, for a public hearing participated in the WADA.

the”group of athletes supported the request made by WADA on the open and public hearing at the CAS on the dispute with RUSADA. Now we call RUSADA immediately make the same request, reads the Committee’s statement, which is quoted by RIA Novosti. – Open and transparent hearings in CAS will help athletes to understand any decision to be taken by the court. This will increase the credibility of anti-doping system.”

Recall that on the ninth of December 2019 the Executive Committee of WADA decided to remove the athletes from Russia from participating in international competitions for four years. Russia with this verdict did not agree and now the dispute organizations will be resolved just in CAS.