Impossible is possible: an Israeli doctor in Novosibirsk uses the most advanced techniques and returns the teeth without bone grafting in one day

Technology careful restoration of teeth, which previously went abroad, is now available to residents of Novosibirsk. In the clinic iDent is one of the experts in the field of implantology Michael Toder: he has over 33 years of experience, including 20 years working in Israel and learning from the world leaders. Now the doctor himself is included in international rating of the best doctors and could return the teeth even when many experts make a helpless gesture.

In the Arsenal of the clinic — dental implants without bone grafting, which has long been popular in the world and is gaining popularity in Russia. The international centre of implantology iDent became the first and only clinic in Eastern Europe, mastered and implemented the experience of highly qualified international ZAGA centers (Zygoma ZAGA Centers). Now even patients with severe atrophy of the maxillary bone quick and safe solution.

the international centre of implantology iDent enters into the twenty of world leaders, solving the problem in severe clinical cases. Patients find a comfortable solution — the installation of the fixed non-removable prosthesis on zygomatic implants. The implant is fixed in a more dense and stable the zygomatic bone. Bone grafting is not required, and hence no long-term rehabilitation: everything happens much faster.

— We do not reject bone grafting, we are talking about the fact that modern approaches and technologies to reduce its use to a minimum. If this method was universal, there would be all-on-four, zygomatic implants, tilted implants, implant perigo and the like, — says the chief doctor of the International centre of implantology iDent, the first in Russia ZAGA center Michael Toder.