How much can you save if you convert cars to natural gas — the numbers surprise

Your life is expensive, and long distances eat up a lot of gasoline and money? So, it’s time to think seriously about the future and make a decision to transfer their car to another type of fuel — gas. The company “GASOIL” is one of the largest networks of petrol stations SFO — launched unprecedented best program of gasification of vehicles “Go to gas. Go to white castle”.

This program will be the best solution for you if:

your annual mileage is more than 20 thousand kilometers, the gas mileage of your car is from 9 liters on the highway and 12 liters in the city;your car needs to refuel with petrol with high-octane AI-95, AI-98.

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of the three points, then you definitely must gasify your car.

So what are the benefits of gas to gasoline? Let’s deal with it.

Cheaper than gasoline twice

If you compare gas and gasoline, the first significant difference lies on the surface. Gas is almost 2 times cheaper than gasoline, which means you save money on fuel and can spend them on other, long-planned purchase.