Ice-cream vs. virus: what is the Siberian scientists have developed

Biomotorai with probiotics exclusive to our Siberian scientists for 15 years is present in the menu is the most “advanced” of kindergartens and schools throughout Russia. The threat of coronavirus attracted to the product extra attention.

Yogurt or ice cream?

the Main difference bioorganica from the usual ice cream — the content of probiotics: bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. But biomotorai differs from another group of fermented milk products — yogurt and kefir. The latter, although advertised as a source of beneficial bacteria, in practice, this function do not perform. The proportion of bifidobacteria is lost in the storage process. And the rest are killed in the acidic environment of the stomach.

In uomoragno bacteria inhibited by cold (deep freeze technology). And work they begin, “waking from hibernation” in the gut, which is the ultimate goal of delivery of the microorganisms. (In our time of information availability we all know that 75-85% of our immune system lives in the gut.)