How many women were Nestor Makhno

History 21/02/20 How many women were Nestor Makhno

Nestor Makhno was an extraordinary personality. From the age of 7 he was forced to become a laborer, but managed to spend 4 years in a parochial school. At age 16 he was playing in the factory theatre and wrote some good poems. In his youth, Nestor joined a gang, which was engaged in what is now called terrorism, and was sentenced first to death and then to 20 years in prison, from which he was released on Amnesty the Interim government.

Later, Nestor proved himself as a talented military leader, an anarchist and support the idea of state government.

Makhno was quite a loving man. When directed by Nikolai Kaptan shot biopic about the legendary anarchist, he was approached by several people who call themselves descendants of Nestor (from several mistresses Makhno).

Makhno – warrior for the idea and conqueror of women.

Nestor Makhno made a strong impression on women. His appearance was not quite normal: a rather fragile physique, height – 164 cm, clean facial features and long hair that he had grown in prison, on death row, 52 days awaiting execution.

He was eloquent, ironic and infected others with their inner fire. The eyes of his contemporaries described as hypnotic. Charming women, he did not forget to use and received in youth theatre skills.

Makhno was brave danger he was intoxicated. He had many battle wounds, including he received a bullet in the head and another, breaking, shattered his ankle. Desperate Makhno wrote the following verses:

I was struck with the head,

no quarter was looking for from death,

And innocent, that lively

Left in the whirlwind.

Girlfriend and wife of Nestor Ivanovich

the early life of Nestor was an early marriage at the behest of his mother, who sought to distract him from his political activities. According to some, this wife of Nestor’s name was Anna, but their relationship soon went wrong.

Nikolai Gerasimenko in the book “Makhno. The memoirs of the white guard” reports that the then Nestor married a beautiful and intelligent Jewish woman, Sonia. He met her on the street. It turned out that the girl has nowhere to stay. Nestor offered her a bed, and at night tried to rape her, but met strong resistance. The young chieftain had conceived a serious passion for his inaccessible to the guest and offered her a formal marriage. At baptism, Sophia was given the name Nina.

Then in the life of Nestor Makhno appeared Nastya vasetskaya. They lived a civil marriage on anarchist principles. It was a real romantic story. They had a son. From sources it is known that the baby already at birth had one tooth, but soon died. The couple lost each other in 1918: Nastia said that Makhno died, and she remarried.

Later, Anastasia earned a living that was hired to whitewash the house. She died in 1981 at the age of 84 years.

According to researcher Svetlana Saliy, in 1917, Makhno was fascinated by the woman, known Atamansha Marusia: Maria Nikiforova, who served time in prison and spent 20 years in prison. She really was the ataman: I hammered together a gang which traded in robberies and murders. According to the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Lydia Pavlenko, Marusya was rare and full hermaphrodite. Ekaterina Nikitina, her cellmate at Novinsky prison, recalled: “we clearly, she was hiding, undressed under the blanket, not washed, as we all, in the lavatory up to the belt… it was not a boy and not a girl… We started calling her “IT.”

the woman went in men, in women’s clothes and occasionally seemed he was married the Polish anarchist Witold Blastcom. With Makhno, Marusya lived in the status of the fighting girlfriend.

Then there was a brief affair with a switchboard Tina, after which Nestor returned to courageous the Marussia.

Marriage to Galina Cozimekabout

In 1918, the Secretary of Nestor was beautiful-Cossack. Her name was Agatha, the youth she spent in the monastery. However, the love of adventure and striking beauty has led a young nun to a number of love Affairs. Found out about it the abbess, and drove Agafya of the monastic community. After meeting with Nestor the girl took the name Galina. It is perfectly in possession of weapons and fought with her husband hand in hand. Rode, shot from a machine gun, went on the attack.

Galina showed himself as a zealous defender of the rights of women. Those of Makhno, who robbed and raped women, she shot himself. And after the soldiers killed her father in the past, the Kiev gendarme, Galina rashly personally killed rural teacher, though not the fact that she was to blame.

Flight abroad

In the late 1920-ies the leadership of the red Army benefited from the assistance of Makhno in the capture of the Crimea, but then destroyed almost all his army. In August 1921 Makhno, together with his wife fled to Romania and then to Warsaw, where they were in a Polish concentration camp. Here they had a daughter Elena. After the liberation, the family ended up in Vincennes, near Paris, where he lived for 10 years. Galina worked as a laundress, Nestor braided rope on sale Slippers, wrote a book of memoirs. The daughter he adored and tried to pamper.

In Paris at the chieftain worsened tuberculosis. To protect from disease little daughter, from Makhno’s wife left him. Alone he plunged into a deep depression. He was put in the hospital for the poor, where he removed two affected with tuberculosis of the ribs. When Galina came to visit her husband in his eyes were tears. Saying goodbye to her daughter, he wished her to be healthy and happy.

We have shed blood and sweat,

the people were Frank,

We won, except that

the Idea of our not killed.

Nestor Makhno died in 1934 from tuberculosis and was buried at the Paris cemetery Père Lachaise. At the modest monument, according to his will, says: “the Soviet Communards Nestor Makhno”. Galina Kuzmenko was only 37 years old, married but she never came back out, fully devoting himself to his daughter. In 1943 the Germans took Elena Nesterovna in Berlin for work. Mother followed her.

In 1945, mother and daughter went to prison in Kiev, they were placed in a cell with a ugolovnitsa, which, remembered G. Kuzmenko, “coveted in our foreign cloth, especially linen”. In mid-December, read out a sentence: mother was given 10 years imprisonment for participating in the Makhnovist movement, daughters – five years of exile. In 1954 Galina was released on Amnesty and together with her daughter settled in Kazakhstan. She died beloved wife of Nestor Makhno 23 Mar 1978 in HJK at the age of 86 years.

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