How Hitler became so rich

History 07/01/20 How Hitler became so rich

As you know, Hitler repeatedly claimed that before coming to power he “ate Tyrolean apples, and each saved mark went to the needs of the party.” However, if you believe the German businessman Fritz Thyssen, Hitler was one of the richest men in Germany. And as the future Fuhrer significantly increased after release from prison.

a Rich ex-con

As is known, the so-called “beer hall putsch” organized by the leader of the Nazis in November 1923 failed. However, as rightly observes in his book “Sensei-IV. Aboriginal Shambhala”, Anastasia New, thanks to this coup attempt, Hitler became extremely popular not only in Germany but throughout the world. About it wrote all publications. Meanwhile, Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison on charges of treason. However, court-appointed term future Fuhrer never left. The freedom he was already in December 1924.

Despite the fact that after his release, Hitler was not any source of income, in its modest and by the way, rented apartment in Munich, he spent only six months later. If you believe Nikolai Starikov, author of the book “Who made Hitler attack Stalin?”, in the summer of 1925, the Nazi withdrew, and after all bought the Villa in the Alps. In addition, if Hitler bought a luxurious 9-room apartments and a luxurious car “Mercedes compressor” for 20 thousand marks, however, to find documents that could shed light on the sources of income of Hitler, historians and failed.

“Mein Kampf”

nevertheless, some researchers are lucky enough, even a little, but to lift the veil of secrecy over the story suddenly descended on Hitler’s wealth. The businessman Fritz Thyssen, the author of the book “I paid Hitler. Confessions of a German tycoon. 1939-1945”, argued that in the nethe first time Adolf Hitler was one of the richest men in Germany. Moreover, my condition, the Fuhrer had made not through salary. By the way, subsequently, after becoming Chancellor, he voluntarily relinquished the salary. Fritz Thyssen was sure of that rich, Hitler allowed his work “Mein Kampf”, partially written in jail. This fact explains the appearance of large funds from Adolf Hitler almost immediately after his release from prison.

according to marlis Steiner in his book “Hitler” edition were sold in huge numbers, which over time, albeit with a few interruptions, but still increased. So, in 1925, there were about 10 thousand copies of the first volume of “Mein Kampf” in 1939 – 5 million, and in 1943 – more than 9 million. It is interesting that, despite the massive profits being Chancellor, Hitler refused to pay the tax on the sale of his work. His position, he explained that does not receive a salary. However, before coming to power Adolf Hitler was almost constantly in conflict with the tax office, as they concealed their income by not wanting to pay part of the profits to the state.

Loans, taxes and donations

according to William Shirer, author of the book “the Rise and fall of the Third Reich”, after Hitler purchased the Mercedes, the tax authorities became interested in them seriously and demanded that he handed over the returns for 1924 and the first quarter of 1925. However, the führer replied that during the specified period was in prison and no income had not. On the question of the tax: “And where’s the car?” Hitler said that he took it on credit. It is noteworthy that it is still unknown how Hitler managed to repay their combined loans. However, in 1929 this graph from the Declaration of Hitler mysteriously disappeared.

in General, prior to liberate yourself from taxes, the future Fuhrer was always trying to prove to tax officials that its revenues barely cover the costs. The fact that Germany was taxed only ChisTy profit. So, according to the Declaration, for the third quarter of 1925 Hitler (including costs and interest on loans) earned a 2446 brands. With this amount and levied tax.

in addition to the publication of “Mein Kampf” and hide income from tax authorities, Adolf Hitler had other sources of wealth. For example, William Shirer claims that Hitler received a rather large fees for their articles for the Nazi press. In the declarations of this fact the Fuhrer, of course, not displayed. Besides, the leader of the Nazis supplied in considerable amounts entrepreneurs, for example, the above-mentioned Fritz Thyssen, the head of the steel group, and Emile Kirdorf, coal is king. It is clear that the businessmen donated their funds to the party, but, apparently, the cashier Hitler made is not all the money.

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