The fall of the Ruslan: why in 1997, the aircraft crashed in a residential area of Irkutsk

History 07/01/20 Drop “Ruslana” why in 1997, the aircraft crashed in a residential area of Irkutsk

At the beginning of December 1997 at the Irkutsk collapsed one of the largest domestic aircraft An-124. Without exaggeration, the world famous “Ruslan”, which has set a number of records fell a few seconds after take-off directly into a house. Until now the causes of the accident are disputed by experts.


If you believe the authors of the encyclopedia “Technology around us” N. A. Baldina and others, the plane “Ruslan” was built in 1984 to deliver heavy and bulky loads and developed a speed of 800-850 km/h. this speed the aircraft was produced by four turbojet engine. In addition, for the convenience of loading and unloading of various equipment (e.g., buses or aircraft) chassis Ruslan was equipped with a kneeling system. According to experts, the unique An-124 then was ahead of its time.

it is not surprising that for the first 3 years of operation “Ruslan” became the “culprit” of the setting 22 world records. Confirmation of this can be the fact that “Ruslan” has repeatedly ranked in the Guinness Book of records. As stated in the publication “the book of the patriot”, on this plane in 1990, pilot Leo Kozlov made his famous round-the-world flight. In the Guinness Book of records were also recorded transportation of the generator of the company “Siemens” with a weight of 135.2 per ton of Dusseldorf, in Germany in the Indian city of Delhi, which also made “Ruslan”.

Crash after takeoff

That a shipment of two Russian su-27 with a total mass of about 40 tons from the Irkutsk production Association in Vietnam it was decided to entrust it “to Ruslan”. Moreover, the commander of the crew of the An-124 was an experienced Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Fedorov. All in all, on Board the aircraft were 23 people: 8 crew members and 15 passengers. 6 December 1997 at an aircraft plant “Ruslan” loaded fighters. The rise was carried out from the airfield of the enterprise, which meets all the necessary requirements. Weather conditions were also favorable.

However, according to Igor Prokopenko, author of “Secrets of the Apocalypse”, after 20 seconds after takeoff “Ruslan” fell on a residential area of Irkutsk. As a result of this tragedy was completely destroyed a four-storey house was partially damaged two houses, a boarding school and the high school building. According to the data, which leads Prokopenko, a plane crash claimed the lives of 76 people. And among the dead were students of the boarding school. It is clear that to investigate the causes of the crash were immediately created a special Commission.

the causes of the tragedy

according to Nikolai Yakubovich in his book “the Supergiant of the An-124 “Ruslan” and An-225 “Mriya””, it turned out that after taking off for eight seconds down, one after another came three engine of “Ruslan”. According to Jakubowicz, such cases are rare in aviation. According to the developer of the engines, this “reaction” could cause low-quality fuel, which had in its composition too much water. This water in freezing temperatures simply froze. The formed ice in turn blocked the passage of the fuel through the filters. According to the designer F. M. Muravchenko, he and his colleagues experimentally proved the validity of this version, but were not answered.

the Official cause of the tragedy in Irkutsk was named technical flaw. V. M. Sklyarenko and other authors of the publication “100 famous catastrophes”, mentioned that the Commission came to the conclusion that due to temperature difference from the air cooler broke off a tiny piece. This part and started dressing the engine starter. In other words, the members of the Commission declared guilty of the specialists who worked on the engines. Like it or not, the experts of SPOlook, until now. However no doubt the fact that the pilots who did not hope to survive alone, yet tried to take Ruslan from residential areas of the city.

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