How high ends air border countries

Another 24/01/20 how high ends air border countries

In International law still does not exist a well defined and recognized by all States borders, where the air space goes into space. However, in a number of international agreements recorded that the space is not subject to national appropriation and may not have territorial demarcation.

the Airspace of a particular country can violate, and no space, since they in principle do not exist. Conventional vertical boundaries of each state in which are its sovereign legal acts ends where it begins the overall space.

Line of Pocket

According to the informal definition of the International aeronautical Federation (FAI), space begins at an altitude of 100 km above sea level (62 miles). At this level is the so-called line of the Pocket formed by the upper border of States where the atmosphere of the Earth begins to move into space. Its name it received the name of the American physicist Theodore von Pocket, which is the first in 1956 determined that at this level the atmosphere is so rarefied that any aerodynamic aircraft, reaching her so as not to fall, gotta keep moving with the first cosmic speed is 7.9 km/s. Various stabilizers, and aircraft wings with a very small density of air at around 100 km is not able to provide the aircraft the necessary lift force, so flying at this height is only possible with the help of media space. Air shell of the Earth does not end at 100-km altitude, and extends above 10 thousand km or more, but is predominantly capable of leaving the atmosphere of hydrogen atoms. It is believed that the first in the history of mankind a man-made object to break the line of the Pocket, was a German ballistic RAkita “V-2”, which in 1944 was made a sub-orbital spaceflight, reaching an altitude of 188 km.

Different positions

With the proposal for official recognition of the height of 100 km boundary of the beginning of airless space in 1962 were made by members of the UN Committee on the peaceful uses of outer space, however, a consensus on the issue of the country still did not come. The Russian Federation shares a similar approach to defining the boundaries of the space and its programs relies on the working paper, which was developed in the USSR in June 1979, submitted to the UN Committee on outer space. In the document space are recognized as spaces for a level 100-110 km from the Earth’s surface.

Otherwise, on this issue look at the US government which still has not ratified the relevant contract. Moreover, every organization relevant to the aerospace industry can set its border space.

a Striking example is the fact that air force United States consider space a height of 80 km (50 miles) and all of its employees, has overcome this mark, awarded badges astronauts. Many experts believe that the BBC went to such a step due to a large backlog from the Soviet Union in the number of astronauts and the presence of a large number of ambitious projects, a flight which had to be carried out just below 100 km.

Recently, a proposal to lower the boundary of space up to 50 km above sea level. Its active propagandists are the balloonists and parachutists wishing to become part of a relatively few families of the astronauts.

Change the line Pocket

According to experts in space law Thomas Gangale, the figure of 100 km arose from the preferences of people to the rounding, while the Pocket has set a limit of the airspace at the level of 83.8 km. lowering strap outer border has been active, American astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, who appealed to the International aviation Federation a proposal to establish a new label at the altitude of 80 km +/- 10 km. His scientific research, based on analysis of a vast array of statistics on orbital space flights for a great number of years has forced officials of the above organizations to raise the question of the official line of the Pocket.

However, Moscow fundamentally disagree with this review of height, what immediately informed the UN Office for outer space Affairs. According to Russian experts, this concept ultimately aims to distinguish between air space and outer space of the secondary zone at a level between 80 km and 100 km, so it could be suborbital flights.

If today about these flights speak only as of commercial tourist pastime, it is possible that in the long run, suborbital technology will be used to transport weapons, because this area is not subject to the legal norms of space law prohibiting the introduction into orbit of objects with weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads.

And scientists?

the Question of starting point of space has forced canadian scientists to invent a special device STII (Super Thermal Ion Imager), which they launched into the sky to determine at what height starts the effect of a flow of cosmic particles and ends with the influence of atmospheric winds. As a result of experiments it was found that such phenomenon is observed at around 118 km above sea level.

experts from the space Agency NASA believe that space is beyond 122 km above sea level since it was at such a height from Shuttle is changing in maneuvering when the operation using the engines gives way to maneuvering based on air mass.

But there are those scientists who laugh at all of the above numbers, because I believe that a real space where there is no atmosphere and graviacionnoe the impact of Land, located at an altitude of 21 million kilometers.

the Border is not the desired

There is an alternative view according to which in determining the exact boundaries of the beginning of outer space are only interested Amateurs and tourists who want definite proof that they had been outside the earth’s atmosphere. The assurances of Professor Friend professionals are not committed to a legislative definition of the space frontier, because in this case, it will be fixed airspace of all States, violation of which will lead to international tensions. And while there is no universally recognized law, there is no evidence of its violation.

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